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Driving Innovation In The Insight Function: Introducing Insight Innovation Exchange

A plethora of multi-approach efforts exist in other industries (in fact, it's cluttered with IT, Social Media, Mobile, etc…). But there is no integrated effort to do that in the market research industry.

Over the past several years I’ve become increasingly convinced that that there is a glaring gap in the MR industry: a multi-approach and holistic platform dedicated solely to advancing innovation within this space. A plethora of such efforts exist in other categories (in fact, it’s cluttered in IT, Social Media, Mobile, etc…) but there is no integrated effort to do that in the market research industry.

To address this GreenBook and I have been working closely with a variety of organizations to help support new advances in the insight industry, most notably with our involvement with NewMR and the GRIT initiative, and our unstinting partnerships with many other trade organizations, industry associations, leading client and supplier companies and publishing channels. Although all of those efforts have helped the cause tremendously and we will continue to work with any organization that shares our passion for this industry, it became apparent that something a bit different that we would manage directly was needed. So, we started work on crafting a solution to the issue, and today it’s time to unveil the fruits of our labor: The Insight Innovation Exchange.

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GreenBook has been supporting the marketing research and consumer insights industry for over 50 years, and this new initiative is part of the effort to further fulfill its promise to “Chart the Future of Market Research™.” Insight Innovation, the new platform launched today, aims to help brands and marketing research firms adapt to the rapid change due to surfacing technologies and innovative ways of gathering business intelligence.

The Insight Innovation platform is designed to  connect brands, research suppliers, and emerging technology players who offer promising, innovative solutions for gathering insight thought leadership content, international conferences in partnership with regional and global partners, and support to innovative start-ups. Never before has an effort been made that focuses exclusively on doing that.

“Insight Innovation will drive the process of innovating the Insight Function through a forum for visionaries, innovators, and influencers (whether they think of their solutions as market research related or not) to share their ideas and help brands rethink how to leverage disruptive innovation to generate insights that guide impactful business strategy,” said Lukas Posphical, Managing Director of GreenBook. “

Our goal is to become the connective tissue between the worlds of academia, technology start-ups, market research, and enterprise stakeholders by developing synergistic properties in global regions (Latin America, North America, and Asia Pacific to start) that connect and reinforce each other to drive awareness and growth for our key constituents. We aim to achieve this goal through a global ecosystem comprised of:

  1. Insight Innovation Exchange: A series of international conferences focused on showcasing innovation in insight.
  2. Insight Innovation Competition: Competition similar to “Shark Tank” or “Dragon’s Den” that helps identify and rewards innovation.
  3. Insight Innovation Forum: LinkedIn group that aims to bring the insight community together around conversations on innovation in the space.
  4. Expanding the ecosystem where it make sense to create new opportunities for advancing the industry and supporting innovation globally.

The first Insight Innovation Exchange conference will be held in São Paulo, Brazil on March 25-26, 2013. It will be followed by events in Philadelphia in June and Singapore in October. Registration for the first conference has just opened.

Insight Innovation Exchange São Paulo is the one event marketing and insight professionals need to attend to get up-to-speed on what’s happening in the consumer insights and marketing research space. Our fast-faced, intensive program allows attendees to explore regional and global cutting-edge innovation in the industry in just two days.

Confirmed speakers of the first IIeX conference include Andres Barreto of Atom Accelerator, Mark Earls, Author of Herd & I’ll Have What She’s Having, Susana Pamplona Miranda, Global Strategic Insight Director, Johnson & Johnson, Santiago Vitale, Head of Research with CFA-AIG, Ana Claudia Marquezano Alvarez, Consumer Strategy and Insights Director of Pepsico Latam, Bryan Dorsey Research Technology Manager at John Deere, Ari Popper of SciFutures, Ruben Alcaraz, Brand Insight Manager Latin America for Nestle-Purina, Alex Batchelor of Brainjuicer, and a host of other client-side, leading suppliers, and disruptive innovators.

Trust me; you won’t find a better line up of world class speakers, a more progressive and exciting agenda, or more ROI for your event budget.

For more information on this event and to register, visit

In the coming weeks we’ll be announcing the full line-up of speakers, publishing the agenda (including some very cool events before and after the conference), adding sponsors and partners, and most importantly creating a flood of content related to driving innovation forward, all of which will be housed on the site and shared across the industry.

I hope you’ll join us on this bold, new adventure. It’s going to be a fun ride for us all as we create the future of the industry together!

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