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#ARFAM8 : Kellogg’s Targets Weight Conscious Women HH With Addressable TV Campaign.



By David Brudenell

Using analogs in photography, video rental, and music, Helen Katz from Starcom made a powerful introduction to her theme around cross-platform measurement suffering from “Digital Warming”, where, according to Katz: “content that was once solid is now liquid”.

The microphone was then passed to Aaron Fetters from Kellogg’s who described how Kellogg’s approach media effectiveness through the consistent evaluation of Primary KPI’s:

  • Pre-market quality – Does my creative have the right to succeed?
  • Audience delivery – did we efficiently reach our target?
  • In Market Effectiveness – did we move the needle?

Fetters built on this content by outlining his challenges of buying television; the main is recognizing that Kellogg’s is a mass-marketer with niche needs and that much of the available targeting today does not meet the niche needs requirements of the brands that he needs insight from.

Combining the KPI focus with the challenges of television buying, Fetters discussed the resulting programmatic media buying that they are engaging in that offer faster in-flight data, resulting in better targeting and result for each dollar spent.

Using the example of Kellogg’s Special K cereal (4 week campaign, 25 networks), Katz illustrated that by using a data-driven approach through suppliers such as Experian, Acxiom and Epsilon and combining this with purchase data (dunhumby), and first party data from Kellogg’s internally they were able to effectively target weight-conscious women and deliver targeted Special K messaging.

Although Katz’s techniques offered reduced waste and better consumer experiences though better targeting, the offering was still limited as the technique was not scalable. Fetter appeared unafraid of the challenges in this early-stage technique offering insight that he was in the process of adding the collected data to their internal media-mix models to map the results to sales effectiveness.

In a closing analogy, Fetter made the insightful comment that although this technique of delivering highly-targeted in-flight campaigns to consumers, he said that this new-found targeting was being “handed a sharper knife…and that you have to be more careful how you use it so that you’re not delivering highly-focused messaging to the wrong people.”

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