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Google Surveys 360: The Digital Marketer’s New Best Friend

The Google Analytics 360 Suite offers a powerful and integrated analytics solution for businesses of all sizes. The tools allow marketers to measure and improve the impact of their marketing across every screen, channel and moment in today’s customer journey.



Since the launch in 2012 of Google Consumer Surveys, the offering has continued to mature in both scope and focus. The core Google Consumer Surveys product provides users a cheaper, faster way to survey a representative sample of their target online population across the web and on mobile devices. In just 2016 alone thousands of businesses have conducted hundreds of thousands of interviews using GCS, informing large-scale research projects and impacting business decisions around the world. GCS has access to over 10M+ available respondents via partner publisher sites and 5M+ downloads on mobile app, Google Opinion Rewards, creating a unique sample source of real, everyday people.

By all measures, GCS has been a successful product and it has accelerated the DIY and automation trends in market research.

Being Google, of course one of the main areas of focus for the company has been use cases related to advertising research and integration with the many other data analytics tools Google offers. I for one have been waiting for quite some time to see how (or if!) the integration into the wider Google Analytics platform would happen, but the wait is over: Google Surveys is now Google Surveys 360 and is part of the wider Google Analytics 360 suite.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite offers a powerful and integrated analytics solution for businesses of all sizes. The tools allow marketers to measure and improve the impact of their marketing across every screen, channel and moment in today’s customer journey. It’s easy to use, makes data accessible for everyone, and helps users discover and activate the “ahas” they need to win. Here is a bit more from their website:

With its cutting-edge technology, the Analytics 360 Suite processes enormous amounts of complex data―then simplifies it all―so your enterprise can easily spot insights and put them immediately to use. It provides one user experience with a single login and it’s fully loaded with cross-product data integrations.

Loaded with six other products, four of which are brand-new and in beta, the Google Analytics 360 Suite makes it easy to share data and insights throughout your organization.




The full suite includes:

  • Audience Center 360, a new data management platform that gives you a panoramic view of the audiences that matter most to your brand. Natively integrated with DoubleClick, it automatically offers access to Google proprietary data and third party data.
  • Optimize 360, a new website testing and personalization tool. Show your customers different variations of your site, then use and refine the best-performing options to increase customer engagement with your brand.
  • Data Studio 360, our new data visualization tool, crunches the numbers and turns them into beautifully informative reports: easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable so your teams can get exactly what they need.
  • Tag Manager 360 is new and designed just for enterprise with Google’s industry leading tag management technology. It offers simplified data collection and powerful APIs for better data accuracy and streamlined workflows.
  • Analytics 360, formerly known as GA Premium, consolidates data about customer behavior into a single product and makes it easy to perform robust analysis. Get actionable customer insights and then use those insights to earn more from your marketing.
  • Attribution 360, formerly known as Adometry, helps advertisers see the value of their media investments and allocate budgets with confidence. Now rebuilt from the ground up, it helps you analyze performance across all channels and devices to achieve the most powerful marketing mix.
  • Surveys 360, formerly Google Consumer Surveys, let’s marketers conduct powerful, inexpensive and efficient surveys from a global sample, or survey website visitors via re-targeting or the development of customized panels and deep behavioral targeting.  Enhanced analytical tools like cross tabulations allow for exploration of the data or integration with data from other tools in the 360 suite.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite integrates with other Google solutions like AdWords, the Google Display Network and Google BigQuery. Pair it with DoubleClick Bid Manager to reach your best customers at the right moments with auto-optimized bidding. Use your website data to segment high-value customers and remarket to them automatically. This is truly personal and real-time advertising — at scale.


As part of the new integration the Google Surveys 360 user interface was rebuilt from the ground up to be simple and easy to use, with new interactive crosstabs.




The new Google Surveys 360 is positioned as an enterprise platform and has a new pricing model connected to it based on an annual subscription plus per use fees, but for those who have been using Google Consumer Surveys no worries:  the pay-as-you-go solution will still be available for those who don’t need advanced features and support.

The big news here besides the incorporation of dynamic surveys tool into the 360 suite is what that means for marketers, especially for targeting. Use the unrivaled data that Google has and insights into who is visiting most any site in the world, you can now retarget people who have visited your site, viewed your videos, clicked on your links, etc…  Think about the possibilities for agile and iterative testing of ads, concepts, content, etc… with people you know are your target audience!  Now rather than just having descriptive statistics from the traditional Google Analytics tools, digital marketers and researchers can now get to the “why” via survey functions, adding immense depth to web analytics, and using web analytics to add immense depth to surveys.




Plus, with their open API, marketers and researchers can develop a host of new solutions “powered by” Google Surveys 360 to extend the functionality and use cases of the core platform in new directions.

Based on my conversations with marketers and digital data scientists and the struggles they face daily, I suspect that with this new offering Google Surveys 360 may become the new BFF of Digital Marketers.  Here is an example of how they integrated multiple tools in the 360 suite:


Using Google Surveys 360 and Google Attribution 360 together, we were able to quickly answer questions around TV ad performance during the Rio 2016 Olympics. We then displayed this data using Google Data Studio (beta).




The walls between research and marketing have been coming down for a while, but with Google Surveys 360 we are finally looking at an integrated solution that combines some of the best of digital analytics with market research capabilities in an easy to use but powerful platform. The opportunities for marketers to make better decisions from better date are immense. I said in 2012 that Google was “in it to win it”, and they have continued to prove that to be true with the launch of Google Surveys 360.

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