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Mingleverse: Next Level Of Skype… And Maybe A New Paradigm For Virtual Focus Groups?

By Prashant Hari

Skype came and it conquered. It very quickly became the “norm” as far as Online voice chatting is concerned.

So what is Mingleverse? Mingleverse offers virtual online voice chat rooms called “MingleRooms”. You can instantly invite friends and colleagues for a live conversation using HD-quality voice, and share your Facebook photos, YouTube videos, webcam, presentations, and more!

The Mingleverse Mingle Room service is a next-generation, real-time, voice, video and multimedia communication platform that allows anyone, anywhere to engage with others over the internet in a highly realistic and immersive way.

Mingleverse offers 3D meeting rooms that resemble real life meetings within the browser window. Visual telecommunications, a 3D audio experience, as well as capabilities to stream recorded/live video and display presentations provide a virtual meeting experience unlike any other.

For businesses the potential is HUGE.

– Virtual meeting room
– Easy to access for everyone
– Host up to 50 attendees
– Show PowerPoint presentations
– View pictures & videos together
– Broadcast your desktop
– Go live on webcam
– Integrated calendar and scheduling

Not only Skype, but it looks like the alternative in many ways to Webex, Citrix and other web enabled video chat out there but the virtual element takes it to a new level.

Having just recently attended the brilliant NewMR Virtual Festival and all the talk around Ethnography, Online Qual/Focus Groups and other areas on similar topics…. I couldn’t help but think what the possibility of something like this would be for conducting Virtual Focus Groups? I would think it would be an exciting tool.

It’s also managed to snap up $1.4M of Venture Capital which is even more exciting.

If anyone does sign-up to Mingleverse my user-name on there is Prazhari.

Has anyone else tried Mingleverse? Thoughts?

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