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Introducing the 2019 GreenBook Market Leaders Report

Your #1 guide to brand success in the insights industry is here. Join us on a deep dive into the C-suite of the largest research companies in the U.S.

Editor’s Note: Interested in learning more about the #1 guide to brand success in the insights industry? You can access the new GreenBook Market Leaders Report, here

In reading the 2019 Market Leaders Report, you hold in your hands an example of the transformation of the industry: a combination of a proud legacy and a clear-eyed embrace of the future. The venerable U.S. Top 50 report has gone through many iterations over the years with such legends as Jack Honomichl, Larry Gold, and Diane Bowers curating this annual benchmark of the leaders of the research industry; however, like the industry it chronicles, the report has needed to transform to stay reflective of the industry, while honoring what makes it special and needed. You are reading the result of that process. 

How the Market Leaders Report came to GreenBook

This 46th edition of the U.S. Top 50 marks the beginning of a new chapter in producing this annual report. GreenBook is known for its keen interest in the current and transforming insights & analytics industry, showcasing successful enterprises, emerging trends, and innovation in technology, communication, marketing, and analysis. By partnering with the team that has been shepherding the U.S. Top 50 Report for the past few years, we are combining the best of each to produce a new iteration: “The 2019 GreenBook Market Leaders Report”. This will be an important addition to GreenBook’s portfolio of programs, services, communication, and resources like IIeX, GRIT, and the GreenBook Directory.

How We Made it All Possible

The 2019 GreenBook Market Leaders Report is being produced in partnership with Insights Association and Michigan State University. Insights Association, which was established in 2017 from the merger of CASRO (Council of American Survey Research Organizations) and MRA (Marketing Research Association), reflects and represents the complete U.S. research industry, including professionals, businesses, and client organizations, providing a unified and coordinated mission and message that is more effective at advancing the industry and profession. Insights Association provided information about 219 full-service research company members (outside of the Top 50 companies) so that we can broaden the estimate of Year-Over-Year growth for the U.S. research industry.

Michigan State University is represented through its “Research Transformed Collaborative,” an initiative launched and led by Michael Brereton, Professor in the Department of Marketing, Eli Broad College of Business.  Professor Brereton, in conjunction with MSU’s MSMR program and its students, has researched and studied sub-segments in the market intelligence space that are expanding and transforming our industry, including Predictive Analytics, Social Media, Data Visualization, and Enterprise Feedback Management. Since launching the Research Transformed Collaborative, Professor Brereton has contributed articles to supplement the Top 50 Report on how these industry sub-segments are impacting the research industry itself and the Top 50 companies in particular.

Compare Your Company To Industry Giants

The view of segments in the industry is perhaps the biggest change in this report. While we have preserved the traditional U.S. Top 50 list as it has always been defined, we have broken the remainder of the report into a view of the leaders in each segment of the industry: Full Service, Field Service, Data & Analytics, Strategic Consultancy, and Technology Providers. While the TOP 50 only includes a view of those companies based on a general categorization of traditionally defined research companies, we used a combination of self-segmentation and our own categorization of over eighty companies to develop the segment profiles. Each section includes the profiles of these companies as they define themselves, vs. all being confined to the traditional definition.

A Benchmark for the Insights Industry

Structurally the report is organized using the following plan: methodological descriptions, Overview of the industry segmentation model, the U.S. Top 50 Agencies as traditionally defined, a deep dive into each segment with profiles of companies and CEO perspectives and competitive map, and the M&A trends.  

Special Thanks

We could not have produced this report without the tireless dedication of Diane Bowers and Michael Brereton who worked with us to ensure that we merged what was best about the traditional U.S. Top 50 Report while leveraging the work done within the GRIT reports to provide a new look at the changing landscape of the insights and analytics industry via their “GRITscape” segmentation of the industry, a simplified version of which is the primary lens through which we are structuring this report.   

As always, we are proud of the result and think the industry will find much value in the finished product. 

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