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Research Buyers Speak: Keys to Engaging, Selling and Becoming Our Preferred Partner

How do market research buyers decide which suppliers to engage with? This upcoming study from Collaborata on client's "path to purchase" brings insights into the industry.

Do marketing-research and insights suppliers really understand the daily life of corporate research buyers? Do sellers of research have the requisite deep insights they need to address clients’ unmet needs and to know what moves buyers to engage and hire a new vendor? Are there different segments of buyers that are looking for different benefits? How are the buying dynamics changing given the advent of DIY tools, new technologies, social media, and the overall shifting landscapes in the marketplace?

If the marketing-research and insights industry were our client and came to us to improve sales, guide new-product development, or just about anything else, what would we advise? We would likely counsel the industry to start with deep qualitative research. We would want to know the emotional and practical factors driving corporate research buyers’ decision processes. We would want to explore unmet needs and to uncover the factors and triggers that pull them towards new suppliers, or drive them away.

When has the marketing-research industry, or your company, done deep qualitative research with corporate research buyers? We don’t always practice what we preach!

No question: One of the barriers to doing this caliber of research with corporate research buyers is the cost, which would be a lot for a small to mid-sized supplier.

So… what if several companies chipped in to share the costs and the insights? This way, your company would pay only a fraction of the total cost. But, you’d still be buying a big competitive advantage, and this advantage could be leveraged toward new-product development, messaging, sales, and overall performance. Sure, 80 percent of what we’d find out might not really surprise you. But as we tell our clients, it is that 20 percent that makes all the difference. If this study helps you get one additional client, or keeps you from losing one, it would more than pay for itself.

We have decided to offer such a study to the industry through Collaborata, a cost-sharing market-research platform. We’ve titled the project: Corporate Research Buyers Speak: Keys to Engaging, Selling and Becoming Our Preferred Partner. We’re also partnering with Aha! and Reality Check on executing the research and with GreenBook in promoting it. For a relatively small investment, a limited number of research companies can collectively chip in and gain deep insights on how to engage, sell, and become a better, more valued research partner.

Given the changing landscape, we need to take a step back and listen to our clients so as to much more deeply understand their journey and path to purchase. Please join us in sponsoring this research.  

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