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The Best of IIeX North America 2017

Looking for more on IIeX North America? Check out our blog pulling together some of our favorite pieces and write-ups.

Missed IIeX North America (or want to re-live it)? Catch up on all the buzz with this roundup of our favorite pieces from the event. We hope to see you there next year for the most future-focused event in insights!


Key Takeaways From IIeX North America

By Susan Petoyan, Imagine If Research & Insights

Were you able to make it out to Atlanta for IIeX 2017? If you did, I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to catch up with you. Like you, I was busy listening, absorbing, and processing everything that was happening all day and night throughout the entire conference. Here, I want to share some general observations, things that ‘hit’ me or “hit home” with me.  Will you share yours too?

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Insights From IIeX NA 2017

By Melanie Courtright, Research Now

IIeX. Insight Innovation Exchange. A place where buyers and sellers of insights generating tools and practices come together a few times a year all over the world and discuss what is pushing them forward, and what is holding them back. A place to measure our progress and call out our vulnerabilities. A place to applaud ourselves, challenge ourselves, and chastise ourselves. And this year’s North American conference in Atlanta last week was no different.

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IIeX North America: A Future Lens

By Daniel Evans, ZappiStore

Last week I was in Atlanta to attend the annual North American IIeX. For those that don’t know, it’s a key event in the global market research calendar to shine a light on the intersection of market research and technology. On a good day, IIeX not only provides a great showcase into the emerging technologies that will be used to create impact in the industry, but as Lenny Murphy stated in his opening remarks, “participation and attendance of IIeX drives innovation in of itself”.

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IIeX Reflections: “Different” Doesn’t Mean Abandoning the Old

By Zoe Dowling, FocusVision

This year’s IIeX North America conference did not disappoint. The organizers delivered a jam-packed 2½ days that left my (and many other’s) brains in information saturation mode. There were many sessions and conversations worthy of discussion, but here’s three that particularly resonated with me: doing things differently, celebrating the hedgehogs, and the power of insights to change lives. Sounds cryptic? Read on to get the full story.

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Reflections from IIEX: Agility in Research is No Longer an Alternative Approach

By Jim Bryson, 20|20

Myself and several members of our team recently had the opportunity to attend IIEX North America. Over the course of two and half days and countless sessions, a clear theme began to emerge. Agile research – also referred to as iterative, always-on, or on-demand – is no longer a mere concept but instead a necessary reality for brands and their insight organizations.

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GRIT Commentary: Educating The Researcher Of The Future

By J. Henning, MRII

At IIeX NA, Reg Baker, the MRII’s executive director, discussed the most recent GRIT survey, which asked the question “What do you believe will be the three most important skillsets for a successful post-graduate Market Research program to focus on during the next five years?” What surprised Reg is that the hard skills of survey research show low frequency of demand, while “soft skills” (“not that I like that term”) like critical thinking and insight development lead the list.

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We think it’s safe to say that IIeX NA 2017 was our best yet. We hope to see you at an IIeX event soon.

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