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The GreenBook Blog Wants You (part 2)!

Now's your chance to contribute to the GreenBook blog - a marketplace for ideas. Check out the topics most sought after by our editor, Dr. Larry Friedman.

One of the things I like best about going to IIeX is the people I meet – old friends I haven’t seen in a while, and new friends I get to make.  When I would bring up my role with the blog, I’d invariably get asked about topics we’d be interested in publishing in the blog.

It made me realize that it’s been almost a year since we last published a “call for papers”, so it seemed appropriate to update the list of topics we published then.

As I stated then, all good ideas are welcome; there are some though, that are particularly near and dear to my heart.

So here goes, in no particular order of importance:

  • Data integration (particularly big data with traditional MR data)
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning
  • Predictive analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Social intelligence
  • Behavioral Science and System 1 thinking
  • Methodological innovation
  • How is the client-side role changing?  How does it need to change further? (I’d particularly love it if clients would be brave enough to write about this)
  • The future of work, staffing and human capital in the industry
  • How are research companies evolving to meet the imperatives of both automation and consulting?
  • What are the next big opportunities for start-ups?
  • Emerging competitors from other categories
  • What is the role of MR in the face of increasing privacy concerns about the data being accumulated by digital and social companies?
  • How can MR help companies monetize their own data (with privacy as a concern)?
  • Future of Ad research and attribution
  • Experimentation is being increasingly used to optimize digital ad practices.  How is the role of experimentation evolving, and how effective is it compared to more traditional approaches?
  • If the goal is to “deliver the right message to the right person at the right time”, what is MR doing to help?
  • Given the increased importance of online buying in CPG, what does this mean for the future of shopper research?
  • A long-time cliché has been that 80% of new product offerings fail – what are we doing as an industry to improve that dismal statistic?

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

The GreenBook Blog is a great marketplace of ideas – please bring us yours, whether you work on the client-side, global research company or a new start-up. 

Submit articles here.

Don’t forget to review our editorial guidelines!

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One response to “The GreenBook Blog Wants You (part 2)!

  1. Great ideas and MR is changing the way data is kept. We need more creative ways to protect this data and market research for the next generation. With better data security, this can be done so that we can optimize MR in the future.

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