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A Festival Of NewMR

An exciting new type of event is being created, a Festival of NewMR, celebrating all of the new trends and changes in market research, and doing it in an open source, collaborative way.

The Festival of NewMR is an online, virtual event that will take place between 6-10 December. The model for the event is loosely based on the Edinburgh Festival, i.e. with a formal agenda and an alternative Fringe.

The GreenBook is honored to be a member of the Advisory Board for this exciting event!

Although the program is still being developed the key elements are beginning to emerge:

  1. The Main Stage, a global webinar conference on 8 December, starting in New Zealand and finishing some 20 hours later on the West Coast of the US.
  2. A Poster session and a Video competition, to entice in new faces including students.
  3. A Twitter backchannel.
  4. A Fringe, an assortment of activities created by third-parties to take place during the Festival Week.

One of the great things about the Festival of NewMR is that it is affordable. Most of the activities will be free, the premier event the Main Stage, will cost just $20 for a session (there are three sessions in total covering three wide time zones).

The program for the Main Stage will be a mixture of invited speakers and speakers selected by the participants of the Festival. The call for synopses is open now.

To find out more about the Festival of NewMR, visit

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