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Research Now & Carat track Cross-Media Campaign Effectiveness for Three Power Brands

[Insights That Work - Case Study] Research Now worked with Carat to understand the impact creative and messaging has on consumers’ awareness and brand perception in real time.


Global media agency Carat, part of Dentsu Aegis Network, had been working with N Brown, a successful British digital retailer, for 20 years. N Brown had historically spent predominantly on above the line media, and wanted to justify the impact their increasing digital budget was having on three brands – JD Williams, Simply Be, and Jacamo.

Needing to provide a holistic view of campaigns to their client, Carat worked with Research Now to accurately measure a cross-device, multimedia ad campaign to understand the true impact creative and messaging has on consumers’ awareness and brand perception. Research Now was able to provide such insight from a single source through cross-device measurement, a methodology measuring each channel’s impact on brand metrics in isolation, alongside other media channels throughout the campaign through real-time reporting.


Employing Research Now’s Adimension® Cross-Media measurement solution, which combines the benefits of persistent first-party cookies, Carat was able to capture ad exposure across each of the media channels, linking multiple ad exposures (online/offline) creating an ‘exposed’ group of individual respondents, alongside a matching baseline/control group. Using a custom-designed survey, they could assess campaign effectiveness, enabling the ability to compare uplift
in brand KPIs for each media channel independently and in groups, providing attribution analysis.

This data was fed into a ‘real-time’ dashboard where, unlike traditional trackers, Carat could view weekly changes to brand metrics by each media type, frequency of exposure, creative and site.


For JD Williams, combining TV, Press and Digital advertising led to a 5% uplift in brand awareness. Of those aware, the proportion who have shopped with JD Williams is 9% higher. Press alone led to a 1% fall in perceptions that they sell a wide range of products but if press was combined with TV and/or digital, a 6% uplift was seen.

For Simply Be, exposure to TV and digital increased brand awareness by 4%, while exposure to print and digital increased ad awareness by 10% and those who have shopped with Simply Be by 4%. Exposure to TV, print and digital increased positive impression of the brand by 11% and led to a 10% increase in likelihood to shop.

For Jacamo, seeing TV and video advertising led to a 4% uplift in brand awareness.

N Brown now had a holistic view of their campaigns across all channels, helping to optimise their spend. The fast turnaround enabled them to use the results for immediate effect, influencing their subsequent cycle of planning decisions.

Pierre Hun, Head of Media for N Brown Group, says: “We worked with Carat and Research Now to develop real-time, always-on brand tracking for our 3 power brands. We now track all our digital brand activity as well as traditional channels and are able to understand the true brand effect of combinations of different media. This means that we are now able to improve our business results to meet our brand objectives by selecting the media mix that we know optimises our awareness, consideration and purchase intent.”

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Liam Corcoran

Liam Corcoran

Vice President Ad and Audience Measurement EMEA, Research Now