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Confirmit Enables NPD Group to Provide Better, Faster Results to Its Customers

[Insights That Work - Case Study] Client's perspective on how the NPD Group has partnered with Confirmit to give customers what they need to make the best business decisions possible.


We have found that surveys are a critical component to the type of analysis we strive to complete for our customers each day – but are realistic (and proactive) about the difficulties with getting consumers to take surveys. Especially with a lengthy survey we may need to issue (to truly capture what’s happening in the market and how an individual consumer’s shopping habits are affected by the market), it can be difficult to get people interested and keep them engaged throughout the survey.

Because of this, we’ve had to get creative and survey consumers in a variety of ways to get a total picture of a consumer’s shopping lifecycle – where they are shopping, when they are shopping, how they are shopping, etc.


Once we broke into the online arena, with the creation of our online panels,
we knew we needed to find the right partnership, and continue developing that partnership over the years. Since that point, many years ago, we have been using Confirmit – so much so, that we’ve been able to grow with Confirmit on how we collect data, all while technology is growing and evolving, particularly in the mobile arena. Once we found Confirmit and made the decision to engage with them, we were comfortable because all of our immediate needs were met, and we knew we could grow as a true partnership, together in the industry.

Because of the industry changes, we’ve had to constantly keep an open dialogue with Confirmit, so we can change our data collection processes to ensure we are getting our clients what they need. Confirmit has been instrumental from the start in helping us collect the right information in the right way to get our customers what they need to make the best business decisions possible. Beyond that, we are always searching for how we can be doing more for our clients, and Confirmit is always at the forefront of that roundtable discussion, offering solutions and new ways to integrate their technology into our offerings and research analysis. Confirmit is consistently helping us get more sophisticated by helping us analyze how we are collecting data on the back end, and decide how we want to format it and make sure we get our customers what they need.


Through this partnership, and our constant desire to evolve and grow as a company, we’ve been able to get our results to the clients quicker and more efficiently. Furthermore, we’re able to scale larger (launching trackers globally) and in a much shorter timeframe than previous iterations. We are now able to tell clients the end date of when the surveys and trackers will be launched, and we know what those metrics need to be for our customers. We can be up and running in just a couple of months, and we know that by using Confirmit, we are getting the reliability and standards we need to collect the data for our clients to provide them with the optimal results. Thus, this is a more efficient and cost-effective way to get the business up and running in the market research sector. On the flip side, Confirmit is also growing and evolving on their end (particularly in mobile) and they are always willing to raise their hands to offer us their new capabilities, but are also willing to conform to specifics that NPD needs as well.

We see the future of data collection moving towards collecting information in a variety of ways to get to the same results as you would have with a 30-40 question survey, without actually conducting such a lengthy survey. The future is all about ease and convenience for the respondent, without sacrificing on the data. Looking into the future at NPD, we are always looking into new and different ways of collecting information, particularly through mobile, and we continue these discussions with Confirmit. We also are looking for ways to collect the most information out of the shortest or quickest type of survey interaction, and how exactly we want to ask respondents specific types of data questions – and it is in our best interest that Confirmit is included in these conversations.

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