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AYTM Automation Makes Research 3x Cheaper & 12x Faster

[Insights That Work - Case Study] Origin CBI utilized AYTM's automated surveys to streamline their consumer motivation profiling tool.


Origin Consumer and Brand Insights is a consumer behavior, data science, and technology company that offers custom solutions to clients’ marketing challenges. Origin’s mission is to provide business advantages through applied psychological and data sciences. One of the ways Origin uses applied psychological sciences is through its proprietary consumer motivation profiling tool.

Origin wanted to determine the primary motivation profile associated with consumers of car brands. “Knowing the motivation profile for each car brand could give Origin’s clients a competitive edge,” says Senior Manager of Research Dr. Kenneth Faro, Ph.D. “For example, Porsche might be purchased for identity motives, while Toyota might be purchased for safety motives. That insight affects how you might message to potential new customers of each brand.”

While Origin’s consumer motivation profiling tool provided unique insights into their clients’ problems, the team had two questions:

  1. Can data collection be faster so the team could spend more time developing the practical implications of their insights?
  2. Can data collection be cheaper so that those savings could be passed on to their clients?


The Origin team determined they would need to automate their proprietary tool, and turned to AYTM for their automated options.

Origin decided to run their consumer motivation profiling tool with AYTM’s Advanced MaxDiff, a drag-and-drop research experiment in AYTM’s survey editor. “This way,” says Faro, “Origin’s specialty in consumer behavior was paired with AYTM’s specialty in method automation.” The platform presents MaxDiff to respondents as an adaptive progression of question modules, with four items to rank per module.

Origin fielded the survey to 1,000 Americans, census balanced for gender and age, to AYTM’s proprietary panel PaidViewpoint – voted the #1 U.S. survey panel on the SurveyPolice website.


In other methods using classic MaxDiff experiments, the experimental design and analysis of MaxDiff often requires 8-15 people, and can take 3-5 weeks. By contrast, AYTM’s automated Advanced MaxDiff typically requires 1-2 people (to create the list of items to test, paste the list into the experiment on the research platform, then launch), and this automated version usually completes within 4-48 hours for a gen pop study. Origin’s automated MaxDiff study required only one person to program, and finished fielding within ten hours.

According to some of AYTM’s clients, other full-service research organizations often charge starting at $30,000 for a typical study with complex research tests. For AYTM, a brief DIY study to a thousand Americans, age and gender balanced, with a thirty-item MaxDiff experiment, would cost less than a third of that traditional price tag.

As for speed, assuming a classic MaxDiff experiment would optimistically take about three weeks, Origin was able to complete their study 12x faster than usual.

According to Faro, “AYTM’s faster and cheaper solution allows for: (1) more time for Origin to craft better insights for clients, and (2) Origin to provide cheaper services to our clients.”

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