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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – August 21, 2014

Of the 2,147 unique links shared on #MRX in the past two weeks, here are 10 of the most retweeted:


By Jeffrey Henning

Of the 2,147 unique links shared on #MRX in the past two weeks, here are 10 of the most retweeted:

  1. Using Conjoint to Achieve a Win-Win-Win – This is a gentle introduction to conjoint, inthreeparts, from Bug Insights, LLLP, a new U.S. research firm, whose intended differentiation, according to Research, is “that rather than just looking at preference data from a conjoint survey, Bug Insights will blend this with the cost of delivering products to customers and identify the most efficient product combinations that deliver both more value and more profit.”
  2. A Little Video Gaming ‘Linked to Well-Adjusted Children’ – Smith Mundasad of the BBC reports on Oxford University research that found that children who spend less than an hour a day playing video games were better adjusted than those who did not play at all and than those who played more than an hour a day.
  3. 10 Tactics for Rigor in Social Media Market Research – Jess Owens of FACE shares her 10 ways to ensure your social media market research has a firm foundation. Her first four points: “1. Capture the complete universe. 2. Your search strategy is critical. 3. Qualify your quant insights. 4. Quantify your qual insights….”
  4. What Can Participants Tell Us About the State of Market Research? – InSites Consulting staff share the results of research on research into the experiences of the members of their MROCs (Market Research Online Communities). It’s not just about the money:
  5. Editorial: Women in Research – Kristin Luck of Decipher, and founder of Women in Research (WIRe), guest-edited the latest issue of ESOMAR’s magazine Research World: “We’ve curated content that speaks to the female experience from the brightest minds and business owners in our industry today.”
  6. Best and Worst of British: the Attractiveness of the UK in the Eyes of Young People Overseas: Ipsos MORI surveyed 5,029 panelists in Brazil, China, Germany, India and the United States. Young people in these countries prefer the United States (60% selected it in their top 3), followed by the UK and Australia (each selected by 36%). Brits are perceived as polite, but also as heavy drinkers.
  7. Chart the Future of Research: Participate in the Summer 2014 GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Survey – If you haven’t taken this periodic survey on the state of the industry, please take it now!
  8. Dig Deeper & Discover: A Webinar Summit Featuring Trend Setting Insights Shared at MRIA 2014 – Didn’t get to sashay off to Saskatoon for the annual Canadian research confab? ‘Toon into the Ipsos presentations that you missed.
  9. What’s Hot in Market Research? – Ray Poynter shares what’s hot (Beacons, in-the-moment research, and microsurveys), what’s still hot (mobile research, communities, and DIY), and what’s still not hot (facial coding, webcam qualitative research, and social media research).
  10. Firming Up the Foundations of Neuromarketing– In his book review, Steve Genco argues that “An Introduction to Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience by Thomas Ramsøy is the most thorough, yet accessible, scientific introduction to the field yet written.”


Note: This list is ordered by the relative measure of each link’s influence in the first week it debuted in the weekly Top 5. A link’s influence is a tally of the influence of each Twitter user who shared the link and tagged it #MRX. Only market research links are considered, although the #MRX hashtag is occasionally used for other types of tweets, including – recently – tweets about Mr. X, an upcoming Indian 3D thriller film.

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