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The Insight Innovation Challenge: 22 Companies Transforming Market Research

After weeks of reviewing almost 70 candidates, the IIeX Advisory Board have chosen the companies to meet The Top 25 Unmet Needs Of Insights Clients onstage at the Insight Innovation Exchange event in Philadelphia next month.


Editor’s Note: Just to be clear, the list below is not to be construed as something like the GRIT 50 which is a ranking of innovative companies by the industry as a whole. These are simply 22 of the 70 companies that submitted a proposal to the Insight Innovation Challenge who met the selection criteria. There are MANY other companies working to transform MR not included here simply because they didn’t submit. The good news is that a whole bunch of them will also be participating at the IIeX event next month, so if you’re looking for a more comprehensive overview of innovative firms in MR that would be a very good place top start.


After weeks of reviewing almost 70 candidates, the IIeX Advisory Board have chosen the companies  to meet The Top 25 Unmet Needs Of Insights Clients onstage at the Insight Innovation Exchange event in Philadelphia next month.

Since we had so many worthy candidates and considering that originally 25 Challenges were submitted, we’re going to expand the Challenge presentations to 2 hours on Wednesday and allow 22 companies to present.

All are very different in their approaches to solving the business needs originally stated and we think the  attendees are going to love hearing about these different solutions to addressing client business needs. 

There are a few familiar (and  maybe even surprising!) names here, but the vast majority are firms we think are  highly innovative and/or potentially disruptive. These companies represent the pioneers who are helping to drive change in our industry and we believe they will emerge as significant players in the future of the this critical business sector. Make no mistake: they ARE transforming our industry, in most cases they are doing it from outside of the traditional definition of what market research is.

Here are all of the selected companies and the challenges each will be tackling: 

Working From The Inside Out To Predict Market Disruptions GfK
Harnessing 360 Data For Competitive Advantage   blueocean market intelligence
Single-Source Marketing Analytics Goes Mobile Xyte
Increasing Patient Compliance Through Implicit Understanding Emotive Analytics
Cheaper, Faster, Better Concept Evaluation At Scale Mizzouri
Agile Business Intelligence & Data Synthesis Emanio
Big Data Visualization – Can Art Meet Science? VisualCue Technologies
Using Communities & Crowdsourcing For  Disruptive Innovation Chaordix
Innovation Engineering: Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, Succeed Faster Ideas To Go
Omni-Channel & Real-time Experience Tracking  Mesh Planning
Mobile: The Key To Sampling In Emerging Markets Embee Mobile
Finding & Measuring Disruption Potential RealEyes
Engaging & Understanding Hard To Reach Populations CrowdTap
Embracing Open-Source Data Synthesis For Holistic Consumer Insights TNS
Understanding & Leveraging Unconscious Decisions Neurons, Inc.
Single-Source & Holistic Views Of Consumers Whit.Li
A Better Mousetrap: Cheaper, Faster, Better Research Processes ZappiStore
Video Analytics: Big Data Meets Videos & Images Videntifier
Representativeness Still Matters: Sample Science In A Fragmented World Placed
New Models Of Data Analytics & Visualization StatWing
Enterprise Data Activation: Activating Research Results To Drive Business Theseus DM
Omni-Channel Media Measurement : All Devices, All Channels, All The Time Nomi


At the conference, each of these companies will be given 5 minutes to present their solution to the business issue assigned to them.

This special session will take place Wednesday, June 19th as the center point of the special Wednesday session we’re calling  the Investing In The Future Summit: Emerging Markets, Disruptive Innovation & Data Philanthropy.

So why are we doing this? The insight space is changing, but it’s not in a state of chaos: we can influence the direction of the change IF we proactively engage with the key drivers: client business needs, emerging market growth, private/public collaboration, adjacent sector partnerships, data philanthropy and the investment needs of the emerging insight solutions that will lead the future.

Those themes run through-out  the Insight Innovation Exchange conference, but the Investing In The Future Summit is an intensive half day “bonus session” that will focus exclusively on these big issues.

Attendance is limited to 200 and will be on a “first come, first served” basis. Reserve your spot now if you plan to attend.

This is the part of the IIeX event that we believe will create significant long term impact in the insights space, where we’ll stop talking about these topics and instead focus on launching initiatives and solutions to guide the transformation of the global insights space. And the companies we’ve selected for the Challenge are likely to be leaders in this transformation. Now is your chance to meet them first hand and engage with them as potential partners.

We want to build bridges between all of the key stakeholders involved in the industry so that we can establish new collaborative opportunities to support the growth and positive impact of market research. Sound idealistic? Maybe, but these sessions are designed to establish the framework to try it.

And by the way, the Insight Innovation Competition is running right now as well; that is sure to add in even more innovative companies that have been flying under the radar of the industry to the agenda. Combine that with the over 100 industry thought leaders and change agents already speaking and I can guarantee you that this event will deliver more new thinking and, most importantly, solutions, than any other conference this year.

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4 responses to “The Insight Innovation Challenge: 22 Companies Transforming Market Research

    1. I’m a fan of GutCheck Laura, but they didn’t submit a response to the Challenge so they didn’t make this list. That said, they are indeed presenting at IIeX (along with Google actually), so I think they certainly will get the visibility they deserve no matter what.

  1. I am delighted Zappistore won.

    At first I was afraid, I was datafied,
    As long as I know how to write a survey, I know I will survive.
    But then I thought about automation and I waited there too long,
    And I was wrong, I found out I was wrong all along.

    But now I’m back, I’m wearing Z,
    I walk around with a Z on my back
    And I am Zappi all the way, Zappi is my friend
    Zappi friend, my friend until the end.

    I will Zappi, I will Zappi.

    Or as Kylie, my rival put it …

    I should be so Zappi, Zappi, Zappi, Zappi,
    I should be so Zappi in MR.

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