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Collaborative Approach to Mobile – Any Questions?

By Edward Appleton

I’ve been invited to give a talk at the upcoming Amsterdam Conference “Market Research (MRMW) in the Mobile World Europe” from 18 – 19 April, 2012.

The focus of my talk will be the Client perspective: what role for mobile, what issues I see, what boxes it has to tick, how it fits into a toolkit. Does the rapid uptake in smartphones and tablets mean we can anticipate a similar uptake in the willingness and desire of people to engage in mobile surveys? Will it appeal to difficult to reach audiences – younger audiences maybe? How will it affect impact client-side?

Question I’m pondering as I shape the narrative – how can I maximize the take-home value for attendees?

Too often I witness speakers at Conferences giving papers that don’t result in any audience questions – they are effectively monologues. It can be a little dull.

In an attempt to change that and increase the level of relevance and engagement, here’s what I propose for my Amsterdam talk:

1. I will dedicate a section of my talk to addressing questions posted in advance by attendees. How exactly I build in these issues in will depend on the nature and number of questions I receive.

2. Attendees can send me wish-lists of things they’d like to see discussed over the coming 5 days (deadline: March 9, 2012).

3. I will give as full and honest an answer to as many questions as possible, within the constraints of Company Confidentiality and timing restrictions.

4. If I refer to a question specifically, I will do so without naming the person and company who raised that question.

5. My feedback on the questions will be limited by what I say in my talk – I (alas) won’t be responding to emails with 1-on-1 answers.

If nobody poses questions to me prior to the event, fine. If I’m overwhelmed by questions, I’ll do my best to cover off as many as possible.

So if you’re attending the MRMW, give me your name and contact details in the comment section of this blog, I’ll reply privately with contact details (once I’ve verified that you are actually an Attendee and as fast as I can manage), so you can send me your questions confidentially.

Curious, as ever, as to others views and inputs on this collaborative effort.

Tip for suppliers: think beyond methodology when addressing client needs. How will they make their decision – what are the crucial factors? What will it take to win the business?


Originally posted on Research & Reflect

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