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Not Just Games: Using The MocoSpace Mobile Game Platform For Hispanic Research


By Julie Diaz Asper

I recently teamed with MocoSpace (a top mobile gaming platform for US Hispanics) to conduct “Latinos On The Road: A Mobile And Social Study.”

The big SO WHAT of the study? Latinos are ready to engage and want to engage with brands on their mobiles before, during and after trips.

Their need for functionality, features and even relevant ads is outpacing what the travel industry has on offer.

Implications for researchers?  

The MocoSpace study demonstrates that you can get good results quickly and at a very reasonable price via a mobile approach. On the MocoSpace platform, we were able to get 1,000 plus responses in less than ten days while offering NO incentives.

Here are some of the logistics for doing research on MocoSpace:


Registration Data: You use their registration data to target the audience and reduce the number questions you’ll need to ask. Registration data includes:  age, gender, ethnicity, location if necessary, Spanish vs. English if necessary, level of education, parental and marital status as well as mobile device type and carrier if applicable.

Screener: You can use an additional screener to further segment. For example, we only wanted users who had taken at least one road trip last year.

Incentives: None needed! I love that.

Number of Questions: Optimal is keeping the questions close to 10. We did 20 (I am a data junkie after all) and still got 1,000 quality completes. They get up to 20,000 completes with 10 question or shorter surveys.

Type of questions: You really need to keep to a checklist or multiple choice questions. Sorry, no Likert scales and especially no open text questions. We did spend extra time to test and carefully word the
questions. So plan for that!

Timing: We got it done in two weeks from programming to recruiting to data export. This is speedy research!

How it works: A notification is sent to the target audiences’ inbox. MocoSpace also promotes via system announcements and Founders’ endorsements in some cases.

MocoSpace is seeing a lot of interest and willingness among its users to do mobile surveys, especially with a targeted approach.

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“We’ve found that an audience that uses their mobile devices as a 1st screen and sometimes only screen is looking for ways to express their opinion in the digital space. The result is a high willingness to complete surveys especially when we tailor and target the survey against our registration data. This has also proven to work for the ads we serve on our platform. Our brand and agency partners regularly see 10-20x industry average CTR on their banner placements.” 

Tom Dorf, VP of Advertising Sales, MocoSpace

My vote? It’s a worthwhile tool for taking a pulse quickly and simply.

Please share what has worked for you in researching Hispanic consumers!


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