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The 12th Edition Of The GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report Is Here!

GRIT 2013Welcome to the 12th edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report with data collected in Q4 of 2012.

You can download the report in .pdf format or view it as an interactive magazine here:

Continuing our practice from the last report, rather than producing a traditional executive summary our partners at AYTM have helped us create an infographic of the key findings. You can view that by clicking on this image: 

So what does GRIT tell us about the state of the industry today?

We know that the research professional is under immense pressure to deliver value and measurable business impact. We see new technologies and research models less bound by traditional precepts of best practices gaining traction. We see new models of human capital emerging that have a broad impact on the future of both suppliers and client organizations.

GRIT is the vehicle that we use to quantify these trends and share the information with the research industry so that we can all adapt and thrive.

For Fall 2012 GRIT continued to track trends that it has historically focused on, including the adoption of emerging technologies and methods. GRIT studied the extent of the belief’s about change in that the market research industry is changing, the sentiment around that belief, and its impact on your business. For the second time, the survey tried to uncover which industry bodies and media outlets are considered to be “influential”, and to map the global network of influence and thought leadership. For the first time we will delved specifically into how social media analytics is impacting the industry, with a particular focus on which technologies and providers are driving change.

We also expanded the scope of GRIT with this study and worked with a variety of international organizations to engage the wider industry in sharing their views and experience on the current state and future direction of the insights industry. Our hope is that the results will offer the most comprehensive global view of the industry from the practitioner perspective ever achieved.

As a sign of just how important this study has become, the Advertising Research Foundation, Qualitative ResearchConsultants Association, ARIA, BAQMaR, MRIA, IMRS, NewMR, The Research Club, and NGMR have joined GreenBook as industry partners.

We are also thrilled to have a stellar list of research partners including GMI, Google Consumer Surveys, Gen2 Advisors, Q Research Software, Dollywagon, OdinText, Decooda, Localspeak, AYTM, Second Prism, iQual, Bottom Line Analytics and the Insight Innovation Forum.

A special thank you needs to be given to our super star contributing authors, outwith whom this massive undertaking would never be possible and who add so much brilliance and credibility to the final product:

Bill Weylock – Gen2 Advisors

Jeffrey Henning – Researchscape

Masood Akhtar – Bottom Line Analytics

Ray Poynter – Vision Critical

Ruben Alcaraz – Nestle-Purina

Tamara Barber – Consultant

Todd Powers – ARF

All of our partners have contributed significant time, energy, and resources to the GRIT effort and deserve a big THANK YOU for their support.

I think you’ll find the report informative, provocative, and useful.


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