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When Should We Ask, When Should We Measure? Comparing Information from Passive and Active Data Collection

Through a study conducted by Netquest to its panelists, we developed an initial hypothetical approach regarding their navigation “People perform quite badly when remembering and evaluating their online activities. In particular, the survey questions that involve remembering past activities are difficult to answer because of the limitations of human memory.” The results obtained from the approach of 3 key questions left us surprised with how bad panelist memory really is!

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  • With the development of large online platforms, which make way to new technologies, passive data collection represents an opportunity never before seen in our industry.
  • We now have the possibility of handling large amounts of information, Big Data, in a much more efficient way, for example, analyzing the browsing activities of hundreds of thousands of users.
  • Thanks to passive data, the market research industry has the possibility of becoming largely independent of the memory of its respondents, now combining subjective (declared) data with objective (observed) data.


Gil Oliveira, Behavioral Sales Manager, Netquest

Benet Boix, Managing Director North America & Canada, Netquest

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