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The Innovation Toolkit: An Iterative Framework for Agile Research

Iterative research allows brands to make better products and better business decisions by implementing consumer data into each stage of development. Brands who leverage iterative research principles in their product development process have a success rate up to 6x higher than their competition.

Built upon automated advanced research methodologies, the Innovation Toolkit is an iterative, fully customizable process, capable of reducing the length of each research project (from launch to analysis and data visualization) to less than one week. The presentation will discuss a case study on CPG start-up brand Just Spices, and how they successfully implemented iterative research practices to deliver quick and substantive consumer insights.

View the recording and learn how to:

  • Implement an intuitive solution to fuel product and brand developments with quality consumer data
  • Optimize your innovation process with agile research principles
  • Reduce risk and increase the speed of your research projects by identifying the right combination of automated research tools and methods for any research need


Thomas Fandrich, Co-Founder & US Managing Director, quantilope

Thomas Fandrich is the Co-Founder of quantilope. He earned a PhD in Marketing Science from the University of Kiel and has work featured in international research magazines including the Journal of Marketing, Product Innovation Management, and Quirks

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