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The Impact of Instagram and Youtube Ads on E-Commerce Behavior

Measuring the effectiveness of an ad through surveys can be ineffective and difficult to source.  Ad-effectiveness survey questions are often boring and not appealing to critical demographics. Surveys also reveal the research subject, not allowing for a retest of the same participants to effectively research brand effects over time.

How do you overcome these shortcomings? Take a new approach to predict shopping behavior and strengthen your research through the use of behavioral metrics pulled from free exploration browsing. This webinar will cover the direct impact of in-feed ads from brands like Nike, Bose, and L’Oréal on the e-commerce shopping experience.

View the recording and learn how to: 

  • Utilize benchmarks to analyze ad visibility and engagement 
  • Use viewer retention data to optimize video creative design 
  •  Enhance campaigns and creative design for eCommerce engagement


Jeff (Ephraim) Bander, Chief Revenue Officer, eye square

Jeff (Ephraim) Bander is the CRO for the market research consultancy eye-square. The recipient of the NextGen Market Research Disruptive Innovation Award, Jeff has been recognized for his disruptive innovations in Neuro and biometric marketing.

Gareth Tuck, Director UK, eye square

Gareth Tuck is director of the UK office at eye square. He graduated in psychology. Prior to that he worked for several years as an eye tracking specialist for Red Dot Square Solutions and as a usability expert for bunnyfoot in the UK.

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