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Preparing for The Coming Data Privacy Storm: How A Compliance-focused Personal Data Network Can Help You

GDPR, CCPA and other looming legislation is about to cause massive change for any company that touches consumer personal data, with estimates of over $100B annually in compliance costs and market inefficiencies, which would be borne out in increased costs, decreased productivity (for both organizations and consumers), and decreased innovation. In this webinar you’ll learn how your organization can prepare for the coming Data Privacy storm and not just weather it, but prosper in a rapidly changing environment.

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You will learn:

  • How you can ensure complete legislation compliance by transparent, traceable and permissioned consumer data usage.
  • Why a connected data network can unlock greater efficiencies and power new use cases for augmented data.
  • What your organization can do today to help ensure the personal data economy thrives and drives more value for all stakeholders.


James Wilson, CEO, Veriglif

Leonard Murphy, Executive Editor & Producer, GreenBook

Rolfe Swinton, Director -Data Assets, GfK

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