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Is “Corporate Purpose” a Real Opportunity or Just a Marketing Fad?

Recently the Business Roundtable, a group of nearly 200 U.S. chief executive officers, issued a new statement on the purpose of a corporation.

How are companies that embrace this concept articulating, activating and enabling Purpose? To what extent is it deepening stakeholder relationships and impacting business performance?

View the recording .  This webinar delivers what you need to know about this new way of looking at the value generated by companies, including:

• How companies find an area of purpose that makes sense for their brand,
• How they ensure their Purpose fits with stakeholder expectations,
• How they drive a sense of purpose through their organizations.

Our panel of experts provides rich case studies to illustrate how companies implement purpose for business results.


Carol Gstalder, Senior Solutions Consultant and Corporate Reputation Advisor, Heart+Mind Strategies

Sara Macfarlane, Director of Strategy and Insights, R&R Partners

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