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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – May 15, 2012

Of the 1,280 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX community in the past two weeks, here are the top 10 most retweeted.

  1. ‘The role researchers play today might not be there tomorrow’ – Brian Tarran of Research magazine interviews Stan Sthanunathan of Coca-Cola on the themes of his keynote speech at The Market Research Technology Event, which ranged from the Singularity to the decline of the question to the rise of disruptive technology.
  2. Why recall must die: Capturing the Point of Emotion – Andrew Jeavons of Survey Analytics discusses research into human memory processes that reveals that the act of recall is itself an act of revision, casting further doubt on the accuracy of memory. Strong emotions are necessary to form lasting memories, and many of the past activities researchers ask respondents to recall are emotionally unimportant, and therefore hard to recall with accuracy. Andrew argues we need to replace recall techniques with “in the moment” techniques harnessing smart phones, to capture information at the “Point Of Emotion”.
  3. Through the eyes of a market research methodologist – Annie Pettit of Conversition deconstructs the research cited in 4 recent ad campaigns and news stories.
  4. market research methodologistmoves toward online data collection – Dana Stanley of Research Access writes that the 2020 U.S. Census will include an online option (following in the footsteps of the 2011 U.K census). As an initial test, the American Community Survey (which replaced the Census “long form”) is planning to use an online survey, followed two weeks later if no response is received by a paper form sent through the mail, followed by a postcard reminder if necessary.
  5. 7 best practices for buttons – Caroline Jarrett has 7 commonsensical guidelines for buttons on web forms and surveys, illustrated with real-life examples that fail to follow them. She provides enough detail from her usability research to make the article a pleasure – “a buttony pleasure”.
  6. How to Fix the 8 Most Common Errors In Social Media Monitoring Data – Katie Delahaye Paine addresses eight common mistakes she sees when collecting and reporting on social media data to track earned media for brands.
  7. A new role for market researchers?Research magazine has launched a new feature, a LinkedIn group for debates. The inaugural debate is on what role researchers want to play in the future and what tools they will need to execute this role. Adriana Rocha of eCGroup Solutions kicks off the debate by discussing the collision of technology players and research agencies; she predicts the need for “Chief Research Technology Officers” to manage enterprise adoption of new research technologies.
  8. Innovate or die: What Facebook’s Instagram acquisition means for the market research industry – Allen Fromen of GfK says that when Facebook pays $1 billion for a 30-person mobile-software company with 1 product and $0 in revenue, it’s proof that mobile is the future. If you’re an agency, he says, get your company on board with mobile now.
  9. Perverted by language – Tom Ewing of Brainjuicer points out that we in research are trying to talk the behavioral economics talk, but our old jargon and tired metaphors like “customer journey” and “decision-making process” show that we haven’t quite internalized it yet.
  10. Twitter data sifter gets $7.2m investment – Brian Tarran of Research reports that Datasift, which licenses Twitter data for market research, raised $7.2 million in a Series A round with its existing investors. The money will help the firm address its backlog of interest: it has served 200 customers with another 1,000 potential customers on a waiting list.

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