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The Research rEvolution Starts In Philadelphia

At Insight Innovation eXchange, we set the stage for connections that help mash ideas, people, and technology together, knowing that those interactions will help bring about the next rEvolution in marketing insights.



For a few years now GreenBook and I have been working to build a global platform to support and drive innovation in the insights space. It’s been a bit of an obsession really. We’ve been experimenting with lots of different ideas, relationships, and models on this journey.  Some of these experiments worked great, some were less than stellar, but all of have been wonderful learning experiences. This year all of that hard work has paid off with the launch of our Insight Innovation eXchange platform.

What’s the Insight Innovation eXchange platform you ask? Here’s a slideshare embed that will tell you all about it!

We just had a fantastic inaugural event in Sao Paulo last week (check out the presentations,  videos, pics and other related content on our Pinterest page) and now we’re racing to build on that success and take things to the next level with Insight Innovation Exchange North America.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah; Lenny is pitching another conference…yawn.” is what you’re probably thinking but trust me, this is different.

Here are the things I am most excited about:

1.       Working in partnership with P&G, Coke, Campbell Soup, Lowe’s Home Improvement, ESPN, Merck, Ericsson, Google, the European Commission Horizon 2020 program and U.S. Department of State AMP Project to develop the agenda

2.       The entire focus of IIeX is to align client needs with cutting edge solutions providers

3.       Insight Innovation Competition: Identify & support potentially game changing start-ups and align them with clients, mentors, partners & funding opportunities

4.       Exploring the global view with world class speakers on the future of leveraging insights for business impact

5.       Nothing “pie in the sky here”: our goal is to help all stakeholders understand and use new insights models to increase value

6.       Establishing new frameworks for partnership and collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive market growth

This ecosystem we’re creating is based on creating unique strategic opportunities for many different stakeholders. IIeX is NOT just another conference; there is a much deeper level of engagement and a broader agenda with client organizations at play here.  To a great extent IIeX is driven by working with those brands to develop the agenda and attract the types of companies they want to do business with. It is a funnel to connect business need with suppliers who can meet that need. They are there expressly to engage with new companies to review as potential partners. The agenda is built around that imperative.

We connect new thinkers driving innovation with seasoned practitioners looking for better ways to engage consumers, make sense of big data, leverage new technologies, and overcome business challenges. We bring together the old and the new, clients and suppliers, the marketing insights industry and surfacing technology players who (sometimes unintentionally) are forever changing the world.And, because we live in an integrated world in which innovation doesn’t happen in silos, we don’t focus on just one way that market research is changing. Rather, we set the stage for connections that help mash new technologies and ideas together, knowing that those interactions will help bring about the next rEvolution in marketing insights.

Today we unveiled the agenda of the conference. Check it out and I think you’ll see that we’re delivering on our promise.



DAY ONE: Monday, June 17

Start Presentation Title Speaker
7:30 AM Registration and welcome coffee
8:45 AM Opening Remarks from Chair Leonard Murphy/Gregg Archibald

Module 1: The Case For Research rEvolution

9:00 AM Digital Fitness: The New Brand Imperative Charles Vila, Campbell Soup Company
9:20 AM How Behavioral Economics Will Transform Insights John Kearon, BrainJuicer
9:40 AM The Future Of Insights Robert Moran, Brunswick Group
10:00 AM Connecting The Dots: How Google Is Reinventing The Survey Paul McDonald, Google
10:20 AM The Consumer Lab Jasmeet Sethi, Ericsson
10:40 AM Networking Break/Innovation Showcase

Track 1: Leveraging Online, Social, and Mobile – The Power of SoloMo for Holistic Insights

11:00 AM Multi-lingual Sentiment: The Next Challenge In Social Media Analysis Warren Sukernek, SDL plc
11:20 AM Harnessing The Power Of The Crowd In Real-Time Janet Kosloff, InCrowd
11:40 AM Using SoLoMo For Impactful Insights Frank Cotignola, Kraft Foods
12:00 PM The State Of Text Analytics: What’s Next? Seth Grimes, Altaplana
12:20 PM The Power of “Wow”: Emotional Valence In Social Media David Johnson, Decooda
12:40 PM Evolving Best Practices For Mobile Research Kristin Luck, Decipher
1:00 PM Lunch/Innovation Showcase
2:00 PM

The Insight Innovation Competition: Presentation Round

Jonathan Ewert – TransForMedia
Scott Miller – Vision Critical
Brian Singh- Zinc
Snorri Gudmunsson – EU Horizon 2020 Project
Keiko (Kay) Iwaisako – MacroMill
Michael Skarzynski – Red Lion Technologies

Track 2: New Frontiers: Big Data & Visualization Tools

11:00 AM Mobile: The Biggest Data Of All Sima Vasa, Paradigm Sample
11:20 AM The Power Of Informational Visuals Patricio Pagani, Infotools
11:40 AM The Internet Of Things Starts With Your Car Nicholas McCracken, Ford Motor Company
12:00 PM The Art & Science Of Data Synthesis Bob Yazbeck, Gongos Research
12:20 PM Expert Panel: Big Data or Big Brother? Ethics & Regulations In A Data Rich World Brain Cain – Merck
Eric Meerkamper – RIWI
Phil Davis – Rapleaf
Roxana Strohmenger- Forrester Research
1:00 PM Lunch/Innovation Showcase

Module 2: The Drivers Of Human Behavior – Understanding What Influences People Today

Track 1: Biometrics & Cognitive Neuroscience

3:00 PM Networking Break/Innovation Showcase
3:20 AM Neuro-Surgery: Dissecting Fact from Fiction Caroline Winnett
3:40 PM Expert Panel: Unlocking The Unconscious For Business Impact Michelle Adams
David Forbes – Forbes Consulting
Shane Skillen – Hotspex
Ken Roberts – Forethought
Anders Bengston – Protobrand
4:20 PM It’s Written All Over Your Face: Scalable Facial Coding Jason Sosa, Immersive Labs
4:40 PM Networking Break/Innovation Showcase
5:00 AM TBA
5:20 PM Are The Eyes The Window To The Soul? Jeff Bander, EyeTrackShop
5:40 PM Inside The Mind Of A Sports Fan: An ESPN Case Study Edwin Roman, ESPN
6:00 PM In The Moment & Top Of Mind Media Measurment Andrew Jeavons, Survey Analytics
6:20 PM End of Day 1

Track 2: Gamification, Adaptive Models & Creating The Agile Insight Organization

3:00 PM Networking Break/Innovation Showcase
3:20 AM Building A Better Tracker With Game Models Jon Puleston, GMI
3:40 PM Fresh Intelligence For Fresh Products Corrinne Sandler, Fresh Intelligence
4:00 PM The Co-Creation Game: How P&G Leverages Gameplay For Innovation Charlie Rader, Procter & Gamble
4:20 PM The Iterative Survey Carol Sue Haney, Toluna
4:40 PM Networking Break/Innovation Showcase
5:00 AM Sampling Is Still Important Mark Menig, TrueSample
5:20 PM Research In A Multi-Screen World Leslie Townsend, Kinesis
5:40 PM TBA
6:00 PM The New Mobile Engagement Model Eric Chan, Embee Mobile
6:20 PM End of Day 1

DAY TWO: Tuesday, June 18

7:30 AM Registration and welcome coffee
8:45 AM Opening Remarks from Chair Leonard Murphy

Module 3: The Future Is Now – The Emerging Insights Paradigm

9:00 AM I’ll Have What She’s Having Mark Earls
9:20 AM Cheaper, Faster, Better: How Technology Delivers ROI To Insight Organizations Ryan Smith, Qualtrics
9:40 AM The Power Of Being Heard Diane Hessan, Communispace
10:00 AM Follow The Leader: How Coke Is Driving The Future Of Insights Stan Sthanunathan, Coca-Cola
10:20 AM Big Data: Master or Servant? Scott Taylor, InfoCommerce Group
10:40 AM Networking Break/Innovation Showcase

Track 1: Crowdsourcing & Co-Creation

11:00 AM The New Normal: Online Platforms For Qualitative Insights Stephen Thompson, Ramius
11:20 AM CrowdWeaving: Combining Co-Creation, Communities & Social Media Kevin Lonnie, KL Communications
11:40 AM Holistic C0-Creation As a Driver Of Innovation Philip McNaughton
12:00 PM The Consumer Consulting Board. Leveraging the Impact of Market Research through Structural Collaboration. Dr. Niels Schillewaert, InSites
12:20 PM Expert Panel: Agile Innovation As a Business Imperative Jennifer Salkeld Nelson – J&J
Bryan Dorsey – John Deere
Monica Corbet – Campbell Soup
1:00 PM Lunch/Innovation Showcase
2:00 PM

The Insight Innovation Competition: Judging & Award

2:20 PM Harnessing Creative Power To Reinvent A Brand Tiffany McNeil & Jennifer Peralto, Del Monte Foods
2:40 AM The Future of Research: Inspiring, Always on, Anytime-Anywhere, Observing, Participating and Co-creating Adriana Rocha, eCGlobal

Track 2: Futurist Workshop With SciFutures

11:00 AM TBA
11:20 AM Data Philanthropy: Channeling Information To Drive Public Sector Innovation Ari Popper, SciFutures
Kyle Nel, Lowe’s
Bryna Lipper of US HUD
Philadelphia Government
Snorri Gudmunsson – EU Horizon 2020 Project
12:00 PM Using the Force – The power of custom Science Fiction narratives to create actionable innovation (A group Co-Creation exercise) Ari Popper, SciFutures
1:00 PM Lunch/Innovation Showcase

Module 4: Emerging Players & The Future of Insight Innovation

Track 1: Radical Reinvention: The Bleeding Edge Of Insight Generation

3:00 PM Networking Break/Innovation Showcase
3:20 PM How Shopperception Kinected With Brands Alfonso Perez, Shopperception
3:40 PM Netnography: The New Science Of Social Dynamics Dr. Robert Kozinets
4:00 PM Single Source & Omni-Channel: The Real Power of Big Data David Brudenell, pureprofile
4:20 PM The New Brand Relationship Robert Passikoff, BrandKeys
4:40 PM Networking Break/Innovation Showcase
5:00 PM They Showed You What?!? How P&G Leverages Mobile To Connect With Consumers Sion Agami, Procter & Gamble
5:20 PM

Fast Pitch Round 1: 10 Critical Client Business Issues Research Needs To Solve

Gregg Archibald, Gen2 Advisors
6:00 PM Mobile Payments, Emerging Markets & The Future Of Single Source Data Ravi Parrmeswar – Citi
6:20 PM Closing Remarks by Chair

Track 2: QRCA Track – Qualitatively Speaking

3:00 PM Networking Break/Innovation Showcase
3:20 PM Real-Time & Agile Qualitative? How Does That Work? Matt Warta, Gutcheck
4:00 PM TBA
4:20 PM TBA
4:40 PM Networking Break/Innovation Showcase

DAY THREE: Wednesday June 19

8:15 AM Registration and welcome coffee
9:00 AM Opening Remarks from Chair Leonard Murphy

Module 5: The Future Of Insights: Emerging Markets, Disruptive Innovation & Data Philanthropy

9:20 AM Follow The Money: The Investment Outlook In Insights Simon Chadwick, Cambiar Consulting
9:40 AM The Middle East & Africa: The Real Emerging Market Hany Mwafy, iQual
10:00 AM The Next Big Thing: Disruption Is The New Norm Imran Anwar, Microsoft
10:20 AM What About The People? Attracting & Training The Next Generation Of Research Pros Lisa Courtade, Merck
10:40 AM Networking Break/Innovation Showcase
11:00 AM

Fast Pitch Round 2: New Companies Solving Client Business Issues In New Ways

Moderated by Rolfe Swinton, RealityMine with TBA Start-ups
12:00 PM A Call For A New Collaborative Model Gayle Fuguitt, ARF
12:30 PM Data Philanthropy: Unlocking The Power Of Adjancey Across Sectors Kyle Nel, Lowes Home Improvement
1:00 PM Closing Remarks by Chair
2:00 PM

Mark Earls Workshop

Check out the full agenda here.

If you read this blog regularly, my bet is you’re going to be very in to this event. Come and join us in Philly and let’s create the future together. The rEvolution starts there.


Take advantage of Early Bird rates and save $200 if you register by April 5 (use promo code GBIIEXNA)


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