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The Most Widely Read Blog Posts (So Far) of 2018

The most widely read blog posts (so far) of 2018 are discussed. Key themes related to changes and challenges in MR clearly emerge as topics of widespread interest.

People are bombarded at the end of the year with assorted Top 10 lists, covering all sorts of topics – movies, songs, books, dumb things said by politicians, etc. I thought I would jump the gun before eyes glaze over, and look back at the Top 10 most widely read GreenBook blog posts of the year, through the end of the third quarter.  This gives us insight into what market researchers are currently interested in, worried about, etc.

Without further ado, here it is:

  1. GRIT Sneak Peek: Adoption of Top 20 Emerging Research Methods – Ray Poynter
  2. Is Market Research Ready for GDPR? Nope, and That’s a Big Problem – Lenny Murphy
  3. Insights On Demand Is Transforming Market Research – Frederic-Charles Petit
  4. What Will Happen to Market Research in 2018? – Ray Poynter
  5. A Conversation with Eric Salama of Kantar – Larry Friedman
  6. The Art of Storytelling: Resources for Research Storytellers – Zoe Dowling
  7. Night Thoughts of Classical Market Researchers – Larry Friedman
  8. How Verizon Uses Customer Data to Guide Product Launches – Seth Grimes
  9. Which Path is GfK Taking? – Sabine Hedewig-Mohr
  10. GRIT Sneak Peek: Top Challenges and Opportunities In Research – Jon Puleston

It’s a pretty diverse and interesting list. Only two authors had two articles in the Top 10, the inestimable Ray Poynter and your (ahem) humble Editor.   Certain themes emerge:

  • Forecasts for the New Year – #1, 4, 10
  • Sneak peeks at GRIT data – #1, 2, 10
    • While not an advance look, #5 also concerns GRIT findings
  • Emerging Methods – #3, 6, 8
  • News about global research companies – #5, 9
  • Industry challenges – #2, 7, 10

Clearly, these themes indicate that “bigger” ideas get more widespread readership – larger trends in the industry, what the major challenges are, which methods are more than just blips on the radar, news that have widespread import.  This all makes perfect sense. Blog postings that focus on specific topics get a more focused readership.

A further point related to the above… None of the Top 10 function explicitly (or even implicitly) as sales documents. One of my mantras to authors who submit articles for consideration has been that the GreenBook Blog is a marketplace for ideas, not a marketplace of companies. If you present good ideas, sure, it will help your own and your company’s reputations. A barely disguised sales sheet won’t get past editorial review because it will turn readers off. I could argue that it is also a major reason why people won’t go to conferences, but that could be the subject of a later article…

The rankings also speak to the important position that GRIT now occupies for the industry. Market researchers read the report, and they read news about early findings. Given that the latest wave of GRIT is in field now, it behooves more researchers to participate in the survey. The first 2018 wave saw a major increase in number of responses, but with even more responses, we can conduct even deeper analyses among different regions and constituencies on important topics.  It’s important, so please make your views known.

So, that is the Top 10 so far. We will update this list at the end of the year, and see if anything changes. I look forward to seeing new submissions that try to crack the list.

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