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The Most Widely Read Blog Posts From the First Half of 2019

Key changes and trends surfacing in the market research industry as presented in the top 10 blogs since the beginning of the year. See what's hot in the industry, and what everyone's talking about.

The primary focus of the GreenBook Blog (and all Greenbook activities like IIeX) is on “looking forward” – how are we doing, and where is the industry headed?

To help us understand the larger themes related to where the industry is headed, it is useful to look at which blog posts get the most readership.  When we did this at the end of 2018, we saw some important findings. As we noted then, “bigger ideas get more widespread readership – larger trends in the industry, what the major challenges are, which methods are more than just blips on the radar, news that have widespread import.  This all makes perfect sense. Blog postings that focus on specific topics get a more focused readership.”

We see something similar when we look at the ten most widely read articles so far  in 2019 (through June 30):

1. GRIT Business & Innovation Sneak Peek: Top 25 Most Innovative Client Companies Ray Poynter
2. Using AI to Conduct Qualitative Interviews is Faster, Less Expensive and Viable* Laura Craig
3. You Didn’t Enter Consumer Insights to be a Project Manager: Here’s What You Should be Doing All Day Ryan Barry
4. Premiumization: The Key to Brand Growth* Jason Martuscello
5. Five Big Themes From IIeX 2019 Tom Ewing
6. Human Recall is Not Perfect: A Quantified View of Self-Reported vs. Behavioral Data* Bonnie Breslauer
7.  Three Trends Changing Market Research, Forever* Rado Raykov
8. What Happened to Brand Tracking in Market Research? Richard Owen
9. How AI is Transforming Mobile Technology Ralf Llanasas
10. The Emergence of Full-Stack Research Lenny Murphy & Larry Friedman

* Big Ideas series

So, yes, many readers continue to want to understand wider business/industry trends (#1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10) and methodological shifts (#2, 6, 8, 9).  The number one article is by Ray Poynter (who is always one of our most popular authors), and it focuses on the latest GRIT findings. GRIT “sneak peeks” always engender a lot of interest, and the latest GRIT Business & Innovation Report released a few weeks ago, has stimulated unprecedented downloading and readership.  So, when we look at the year-end findings on readership, we expect the July “sneak peek” articles we ran will make it high on the list too.

Finally, we also see the continuing influence that IIeX conferences have on the industry, not just at the conference itself.  Tom Ewing’s summary of themes from the recent IIeX North America in Austin reached number 5 on the list, and many articles from our “Big Ideas” series featuring IIeX speakers sprinkle throughout the Top 10 list as well.  The widespread interest in IIeX is gratifying and shows that if you have big ideas, it is the place where you want to showcase them. We will continue to feature them here in the Blog.

As we did last year, we will follow up at the end of 2019 with a year-end summary of the Top 10 Blogs.  Please send us your big ideas, and maybe we’ll see yours on the list!

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