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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – September 19, 2011

Of the 1,352 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX hashtag community last week, here are the 10 most retweeted.


By Jeffrey Henning & Tamara Barber

There’s now ample opportunity to stay on top of what the market research community is saying in the Twitter-sphere. In addition to our weekly coverage on the top #MRX tweets of the week on the Innovation Evolved blog, we’ll be doing a top-ten recap every two weeks right here on GreenBook.

Of the 1,352 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX hashtag community last week, here are the 10 most retweeted:

1. Social media around the world – Steven Van Belleghem shares more than a thousand statistics about social media usage in 30 countries.

2. Global MR industry grew 2.8% in 2010, says Esomar – Robert Bain of Research sums up Esomar’s annual report on the state of the industry. Total MR revenues are up (after inflation) 1% in Europe, 3.1% in North America, 13.9% in Latin America but down in the Middle East. MR Web also has the details.

3. Qualitative Online 360: Call for Speakers – Want to go to Milan January 18-19 for the 2nd annual online qual conference? You’ll need to get your speaker proposal in by October 18.

4. Sentiment Analysis Symposium Call for Speakers – Tom H.C. Anderson, on the program committee for the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, is seeking presentation submissions about sentiment components, sentiment and social networks, business intelligence and sentiment analysis applications, and assessment and evaluation of approaches to sentiment analysis.

5. Confirmit embraces mobile with Techneos buy – Robert Bain of Research interviewed Techneos CEO Dave King and Henning Hansen, Confirmit CEO, about the logic of the merger. Techneos has already collected 15 million mobile survey responses.

6. Lead! A sea change is coming– Ian Lewis of Cambiar presented the results of “The Cambiar Future of Research Study” at the AMA Research & Strategy Summit. Cambiar interviewed 160 corporate researchers about the shape of the industry through 2020. Some key trends:

  • “Researchers are expecting major change.”
  • “Corporate researchers will be consultants more than researchers.”
  • “We’ll have global responsibilities.”
  • “The future is about listening, measuring emotion, and mining knowledge.”

7. What’s next in online and social media research? – In another presentation of trends, Ray Poynter of Vision Critical summarized 12 key trends “reshaping the research industry” at AMSRS 2011 conference in Sydney.

8. How Colors Can Influence Your Online Survey Response Rate – Jason Miller of Zoomerang discusses the connotations of colors and how those might be affecting survey responses.

9. The NewMR Virtual Festival – In other conference news, the elected portion of the conference program for November’s NewMR Virtual Festival has been announced, with ten presentations selected by ballot. (Thanks to everyone who voted for my session, “Crowd-Shaped Surveys: Adapting the Experience Based on Prior Respondents”; I’m delighted that it was of interest.)

10. Analysis & Predictions Regarding the Confirmit & Kantar Acquisitions – Leonard Murphy discusses the underlying rationale behind both mergers, including some subtle reasons they might be happening, and calls the next shots for both Confirmit and Kantar.

Twitter announced this week that it distributes a billion tweets every 5 days.  So if you’re finding it hard to keep up with Twitter, no wonder! But tune in here each fortnight for the best of the billion – at least when it comes to market research!

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