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Some Of The Best Discussions Happening On LinkedIn

If you are not a member of certain LinkedIn groups, you can’t see the content. That said, there are several interesting discussions occurring that deserve some attention if you are a member already or want to join the groups.

I realize it’s a bit problematic to link to specific LinkedIn groups; if you are not a member of the group, you can’t see the content. That said, there are several interesting discussions occurring that deserve some attention if you are a member already or want to join the groups.

On the Shopper Insights & Marketing Professionals Group, Jamie Gordan of Brand Sherpa started a discussion on the topic of “What types of techniques can researchers use that DON’T involve talking to consumers?”. There have been a lot of great comments posted here on various observational techniques ranging from ethnography and shop-alongs to neuromonitoring, mobile tracking, and netnography. These folks are really exploring how to get inside the heads of consumers using a really interesting set of tools, and I think the ramifications for the global MR industry is profound. As clients demand insights, not data, I cannot imagine a more relevant approach than combining attitudinal and behavioral techniques to produce a true picture of consumer perceptions and future actions.

On a somewhat related note, over at the Next Gen Market Research Group Jean Fasching of CMI Research asks “ISO for Market Research-Will US MR firms embrace international MR standards? Will being certified matter to US market research buyers/ clients?…. Perhaps it is a way to address online sample quality issues or panel standards?” The discussion is based on the Research Love article  posted on May, 19 2010. There is a lively debate occurring on the discussion thread about the ISO issue, with much of the push back being based on the idea that ISO helps commoditize MR further and will only increase the focus on process vs. innovation and creativity. It’s well worth checking out if you are interested in this initiative and the potential impact on MR.

Finally, on the MRGA group, Pranav Agarwal, Manager LOB at Opus Infosys LLC asks “ Is market research losing its importance?” and continues with the following details: “Over a period of time we have noticed that market research has become a secondary activity for companies.

Companies have started to reduce spending in this area and are looking for answers to some of the challenging scenarios like:

1. How to identify potential markets

2. Are BRIC and SAARC regions matured to handle the business growth

3. Is outsourcing and research really important to my business and so on ..

I’m not sure if following discussions on Twitters, Facebook is really helping or not.

My question is what can to be done to make companies understand the importance of market research (primary in particular)?”

Lots of folks have found this to be a stimulating discussion and make some great comments on how the MR industry has failed to position itself for strategic value, and what we need to do moving forward to transform the industry to be a vital component of enterprise level success.

LinkedIn group discussions can provide a tremendous amount of value, and here are just a few examples. I’ll continue to look for the best and post it here for you!

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