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Growing the Industry by Funding More Research

Discovering the ways brands engage female target audiences, and finding the factors that drive consumer choice in fashion and apparel.

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our next post featuring two insights projects currently offered on Collaborata, the market-research marketplace. GreenBook is happy to support a platform whose mission is to fund more research. We believe in the idea of connecting clients and research providers to co-sponsor projects. We invite you to Collaborata!

Collaborata Featured Project #1:
“The Future is Female: What Brands Must Know to Engage Millennial and Gen Z Women”

Purpose: Given the rapid changes in social and cultural norms, brands are losing touch with today’s female consumer. This project will inspire and inform brands about how to connect effectively with the female decision makers of today and tomorrow.

Pitch: The dynamics of the female head-of-household decision maker are quickly evolving. And, the ways in which brands need to communicate with — and speak to — women have forever changed. Shifting cultural and social influences, media-portrayed imagery, and heightened awareness of oneself are affecting decision-making power. Further, there’s a pushback against gender stereotypes that is impacting the way in which brands can effectively market to women. These shifts, in culmination, will continue to reshape the way in which brands can best influence, engage, and drive loyalty among their female target audiences.

This multi-stage learning program will build foundational yet essential knowledge and fully identify the critical components for brands to truly engage the new female decision maker. The results: highly actionable insights to connect with the female consumers of today and tomorrow.

Deliverables: Topline summaries after each complete phase of research; final PPT report with actionable recommendations supported by quotes from our participants; an insights video, 8-10 minutes in length, bringing to life the key learning as told directly by the participants. Professionally shot and edited for C-suite ready quality.

Who’s Behind This: Ignite 360 is a premier insights & strategy firm delivering actionable recommendations and inspiration through empathic storytelling, supported by sound strategy. Their analysis and creative development bring to life the insights and strategies in ways that connect the head and the heart, inspiring clear action.

Collaborata Featured Project #2:
“Wearing Your Emotions: What Really Drives Apparel Buying”

Purpose: To reveal how fashion and apparel brands can discern, better understand — and even predict — the often irrational decisions consumers make when it comes to what they wear.

Pitch: Today’s retail environment is increasingly competitive, with consumers having more options than ever before. Successful brands recognize that the “experience” as a whole has a profound effect on consumers. But, what factors drive choice when it comes to apparel and fashion brands? Martec’s Emotion Intelligence helps brands get to the core of what really matters.

This methodology is proven to help fashion and apparel brands discern how they can better understand, and even predict, the often irrational decisions consumers make when it comes to what they wear. These learnings bring brands one step closer to capturing share from competitors and becoming the next fashion “must.”

Deliverables: Web-based formal report, including the raw data. In-person presentations can be separately scheduled.

Who’s Behind This: Martec’s Emotion Intelligence methodology enables the agency to conduct deeper emotional research than is possible using traditional quantitative techniques while still offering a scalable, cost-effective solution. Martec has successfully used Emotion Intelligence with a major American apparel brand to provide valuable customer insights for their business in the past, and is now opening up their services to all apparel brands.

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