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Game on! The Great Gamification Challenge

NewMR and GreenBook are putting on a gamified debate: Game On! The Great Gamification Challenge. The event will be held Friday, December 16th at 12:00 PM EST as a virtual debate.

Yeah, I know; gamification is one of those “buzz words” of 2011 that you might be over by now, but the reality is that it is a topic that could have a huge impact on the research industry in years to come, especially considering the competitors coming from outside of the space who are adopting these models as well as the growth within the wider marketing industry.

It’s a concept that much of the research industry would rather ignore since it flies in the face of many conventional research models, but as the social and mobile revolution continues unabated, and with new research paradigms rooted more in anthropology, sociology, psychology, and economic theory gaining accelerating adoption gamification isn’t going away anytime soon. Regardless of your opinion on the subject, it is an idea that research must tackle head on.

With that in mind, NewMR and GreenBook are putting on a gamified debate: Game On! The Great Gamification Challenge. The event will be held Friday, December 16th at 12:00 PM EST as a virtual debate.You can register to attend the debate here (it’s free!):

The event is being sponsored by BadgeFarm:

BadgeFarm provides an easy way for organizations to leverage game theory to reward and increase user participation in all of your communities. With BadgeFarm’s gamification platform users accrue experience based on their activity within your community, and are awarded badges and rewards according to the amount of experience they earn performing tasks.


We’ve recruited a panelist of thought leaders with a wide range of views on the topic. The panelists will be:

  • Reg Baker, President & COO of Market Strategies International
  • Bernie Malinoff, President of element54
  • Jon Puleston, Vice President of Innovation at GMI
  • Betty Adamou, President of Research Through Gaming

Thanks to Bernie Malinoff, we even have a nifty segmentation scheme to identify where our panelists (and most likely everyone else) lies within the opinion spectrum:


So, how are we going to make this a gamified experience?

Thanks to the contribution of our friends at Survey Analytics and their IdeaScale product, we’re going to have the research community submit questions to our panelists and vote on the most popular submissions. The submitters of the Top 5 questions will win a free pass to their choice of the Market Research in the Mobile World conferences in either Amsterdam or Atlanta in 2012!

To submit your questions, vote on the questions submitted, and register for the webinar (we’ll send you a link to the webinar later for everyone who submits questions or votes on existing questions) click here:

To add an additional fun aspect to the debate (as well as a research piece) we’re going to take things a step further.

At the beginning of the debate we’ll have each panelist state their starting position and take a poll to see who the audience agrees with most. After all of the questions have been debated we’ll then take another poll to see who “moved the dial” and swayed the most opinions. The panelist who “converted” the most audience members to their position will be invited to speak at MRMW Europe, be a guest on Radio NewMR (the weekly podcast of research interviews and discussions NewMR and GreenBook does), and will have either an interview or guest post on GreenBook Blog.

Like all good gamification endeavors, we think this will be fun, engaging, rewarding and informative for the whole industry. What better way to wind down the year and prepare for 2012 than a great virtual event on one of the hottest issues around? Register now  and come join us on December 16th for what is sure to be a great and provocative hour!

By the way, we’re looking for sponsors for this and other cool things we have planned over the coming months. If you’re interested in supporting innovation in market research and gaining great brand exposure at the same time shoot me an email and I’ll get you connected to the right folks.

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