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Autumn Is Almost Here: It’s Conference Time!

You can tell it's almost Autumn; the days are getting a bit shorter, cooler weather is creeping in and there is a flurry of activity as everyone prepares for many of the big market research industry conferences and events. Here's a rundown of some upcoming events this fall.


You can tell it’s almost Autumn; the days are getting a bit shorter, cooler weather is creeping in (slowly, but surely) and there is a flurry of activity as everyone prepares for many of the big MR industry conferences and events: AMA, ESOMAR, NewMR and TMRE. Things are no different here: I am grateful to have been asked to participate in all of them, plus an ARF Forum and a AMA webcast. I’m looking forward to each for different reasons, so I thought I’d do a little rundown of the events I’m going to be involved with and why I’m excited by them. Here they are!

AMA Research & Strategy Summit

Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek
9/11/2011 12:00 PM  – 9/14/2011 3:00 PM

In line with their message of transforming the role of market research, the venerable AMA annual MR conference is re-branding and refocusing. Here is how they describe it:

Research is undergoing a major transformation. That’s why the AMA’s Annual Marketing Research Conference has a new name and a new focus.  With the role of research expanding to include driving strategy and informing critical business decisions, we’re bringing together the brightest minds in research for elevated discussions and planning.  We’ll examine integrating new and existing technologies and methods; the expanding role of research in your organization; the impact of these changes on your career; and the future of research.

The AMA Research and Strategy Summit 2011 will feature client case studies, client-only programming, and lots of opportunities to share your thoughts with peers and industry experts.

Don’t miss this premier marketing research event – register today!

2011 Program Brochure

Can’t make it to this year’s summit?  Join us online September 12th for a LIVE streaming of the event (free to AMA members)!
Learn more.

The agenda looks great and I know that the AMA has worked hard to make this a “must attend” event.

I will be presenting the results of the recently completed Spring/Summer 2011 iteration of GRIT and discussing the implications with a panel of  industry experts.  That session will happen at 9:50 on Wednesday, September 14th. I’ll be following up the keynote by Ian Lewis on “Market Research in the Next Decade; the Future, the Barriers, the Enablers” and I can’t imagine a more fitting segue for a discussion on what the GRIT data indicates the future may look like!

The AMA always puts on a great conference, and I think the shift in focus this year will only make that doubly true. If you haven’t registered yet, there is still time!

AMA Webcast – Real Research in a Virtual World: Best Practices for Integrating Online Communities into your Research Approach

Date: Wed, Sep 14, 2011
Time: 12:00 PM CDT

Immediately following the AMA RSS I’ll be participating in a webcast sponsored by my good friends at Ramius Corporation on the subject of MROCs. Here is a description of the event from the registration site:

To deliver actionable business insight, marketing researchers are more frequently recommending new, online techniques in their research designs. This webinar, sponsored by Ramius Corporation, a developer of online community and enterprise social software, will examine the trends, reasons and practicalities of conducting marketing research using online communities.

Leonard Murphy will open with a brief context-setting discussion using results from the recent GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report and highlights from the AMA Research and Strategy Summit.

Adriana Waterston and Stephanie Wong will then discuss how Horowitz Associates, on the leading edge of research for the television and telecommunications industry since 1985, marry traditional quantitative methodologies and in-depth qualitative methodologies with online communities. They will discuss:

  • how to generate rich, robust and continuous insights from an online community
  • how to uncover and provide context to some counter-intuitive findings
  • best practices in setting up, managing and budgeting for studies that include an online research community

MROCs are one of the fastest growing of the “new research” methods and they present immense opportunities for the future of research. There are many players in this space, all with unique value propositions to meet the disparate needs of clients.

If you’re not familiar with them, Ramius is an award winning developer of online community systems and enterprise social networking platforms. They’ve delivered innovative, technology-based solutions to many of the world’s leading companies for over a decade. They’re passionate about the potential social software has to transform the way we work, communicate and share and I believe their unique history and extensive experience ideally positions them to help you discover how these technologies can make a real difference to the challenges faced by today’s businesses. If you’re not familiar with Ramius or want to learn more about MROCs, this is a great opportunity to get to know them better!

ARF Researcher of the Future Forum

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 • 2:30PM–4:30PM ET

The Advertising Research Foundation

432 Park Ave South, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016

To attend in person or virtually, register via My ARF »
If you have any questions, please contact Zena Pagán at [email protected].

As soon as I’m done with the AMA RSS and follow-up webcast I’ll be hopping on a plane to go to New York City to participate in the ARF Researcher of the Future Forum (formerly known as “Research Transformation”).  The ARF continues to show impressive leadership on helping to chart the course of the future of research, and a big part of that is their forum series. I’m privileged to share the stage at this inaugural event with such industry leaders as:

  • Ian Lewis of Cambiar
  • Todd Cunningham – Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy & Planning, MTV Networks  
  • Jane Altobelli – Chief People Officer and EVP, Human Resources, SymphonyIRI Group
  • Susan Wagner – Vice President Global Strategic Insights, Johnson & Johnson Group of Consumer Companies

As MR changes, so must the profile of those who work in the industry. The goal of this forum is to begin to establish a framework for identifying the skill sets necessary for success in the research professional of the future. I’m honored to have been asked to contribute and am looking forward to being a part of this important new initiative!

ESOMAR 3D Digital Dimensions 2011

(Online + Social Media + Mobile) Research
Miami / 26 – 28 October

The vote is still out on whether or not I’ll be attending the ESOMAR 3D conference; I have been invited to be a guest blogger during the event but other commitments may prevent me from attending. If I can’t go I’ll be bummed; this looks like a great conference and is certainly within my personal sweetspot! Take a look at the summary:

In this newly defined social economy we are in the middle of a revolution in market research that is creating remarkable changes in how we interact with consumers and clients. This revolution is being driven by a rapid and global technological change grounded in the Internet, in social networking, and in the adoption of mobile devices.

It is a continuous global conversation where researchers play a critical role gathering, translating and activating insights to capitalize on business opportunities where ROI is paramount.

In a space that is evolving dramatically and quickly, researchers need a multi-dimensional approach. With this in mind, ESOMAR has also taken a step forward and broken up our traditional Online event into three cutting edge digital dimensions:

  1. Online Research and Data Collection
  2. Social Media Research
  3. Mobile Research

Join us in Miami to dive into the digital world, a 3D experience!

Many of the industry leaders I’ve had the opportunity to get to know over the last year or so will be presenting, and based on that alone I can tell you that this will be a conference well worth attending. I hope to see you there!

The Festival of NewMR

October 31 to November 4.

Last year’s Festival of NewMR was a testament to the power of using social media and virtual technology to create a grassroots global event. The Festival was a great success and since then has turned into an ongoing platform for exploring the cutting edge of market research. This year the Festival will be pushing the boundaries even more, and I believe it will raise the bar for all other virtual conference.

The agenda is being developed now, but based on the quality of the synopses submitted it’s a safe assumption that it will be world class. Stay tuned as more details are released over the coming weeks.

I’ll be chairing a session during the Festival and also have something very special planned as a Fringe event. I can’t say much yet, but if you’re involved with an innovative start-up or are interested in new and emerging firms in the broad global marketing intelligence space, you’re going to LOVE it. More information will be forthcoming soon; it’s going to be very cool!

The Market Research Event by IIR

November 7-9, Orlando

Wrapping up the year will be the biggest (and arguably best) of all the research conferences: THE Market Research Event. The IIR site describes it better than I can:

The most comprehensive conference in the world for elevating the business value of insights to advance the industry forward. The World’s top MR Event just got better AND BIGGER. Unprecedented in size, scope, breadth, depth and participation, this is truly the best event the industry has ever seen. TMRE remains focused on the business value of market research and this year brings you more than 140 sessions, more than 175 speakers and a proven track record of attendee satisfaction. Your conference choice for 2011 is clear. Join the global community of market research leaders as we tackle the most critical issues in market research today and rally as an industry to Lead in A New Direction.

I will be chairing the “Leaders Unite” Track on the second day of the conference. This will be a series of more intimate panel discussions featuring some of the best and brightest on both the client and supplier sides, exploring some of the biggest strategic issues impacting the global research industry. Attendance at these sessions require advance registration, so make sure to get in now; seating will be limited!

I’m a fan of many types of events and I believe every one that I am involved with offers something different from the others. What TMRE offers is sheer scope; it is all encompassing. The folks at IIR are extraordinarily good at developing and producing large, complex events and TMRE is one of their showcase conferences; they pull out all of the stops to ensure each year just gets better and better.

If you haven’t registered, do it now; you don’t want to miss this one! Use the code TMRE11GREEN to save 20%!

So that’s the rundown of the various events coming up that I’ll be at; how about you? I hope to meet you at one of them!

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