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#ARFAM8 : Impact of Multi-Screen Strategy Across the Purchase Funnel


Editor’s Note: The ARF Audience Measurement event is this week in NYC and we’ve got GreenBook Blog authors David Brudenell and Joel Rubinson onsite and live blogging. As the posts come in we’ll get ’em up so you can follow along with this important industry event. You can also check out the conference site for even more great content:


By David Brudenell

Starting the opening session for the ARF Audience Measurement conference this morning, Eric Cavanaugh and Dave Kaplan presented a powerful story of how Toyota and NBC Universal applied a multi-screen approach to integrated advertising the reality cooking show, Top Chef and a new complimentary webseries called Last Chance Kitchen.

Using the digitally-delivered Last Chance Kitchen, NBC and Toyota were able to demonstrate that a multi screen strategy positively affected consumer impact, engagement and led to dramatically increased consideration of consumers.

Some of the presentation highlights included evidence that for the first time the online series Last Chance Kitchen drove linear viewing of Top Chef adding over 4MM  (5MM gross due to a mitigating effect of DRV behaviors) incremental viewers to the 18MM that were driven by linear programming. On the topic of this considerable growth in viewership, Kaplan commented: “we never through of using multi-screen as a reach play”, and furthermore he continued: “The combination of more [consumer] touch points is positively affecting impact for Toyota”.

Moving beyond reach, Kaplan and Cavanaugh continued to offer strong evidence on the power of influence that multi-screen executions have on the purchase funnel:

  •     Consumers were +57% more likely to go online and search for a Toyota product if they were exposed to multi-screen content.
  •     An estimated 1MM conversations were initiated for Toyota through WOM activity

In a well spoken, data-heavy delivery, the NBC duo raised the bar early at the Measurement 8.0 conference.

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