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#ARFAM8 : Going Beyond Currency – A New Approach to Advertising Testing

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By David Brudenell

Delivering a new perspective, the presentation by Forbes Consulting Group focused on the new and emerging emotional measurement space. Forbes’ validated MindSight tool offered a very interesting approach to possible new measurement techniques and metrics that can help advertising.

Referencing his patents and peer-reviewed papers, CEO David Forbes’ discussed the dramatic speed of delivery and data collection of MindSight emotional data by diving deeper into real-world examples with Avon.

Faced with the emotive linkage to Avon’s fragrance business line, Forbes’ went on to mention that this area for Avon had been traditionally difficult to qualify for Avon through traditional techniques.

With an interested audience with only one laptop or tablet open (I’m the culprit), Forbes’ Demonstrated how MindSight delivered powerful, and agile quantitative emotional data to Avon, allowing them to segment this difficult and profitable fragrance division. In a powerful client testimonial Avon:

“This Forbes/Avon collaboration represents a major stride toward a more comprehensive and valid concept evaluation protocol”

Of particular interest to the writer was that Forbes’ MindSight technique offered immediate, actionable recommendations for creative and content messaging for Avon to drive sales. With the common theme brought forward by Laura Desmond from Starcom earlier in the morning when looking at cross-channel research, Forbes’ MindSight offers a real possibility of answering the ‘Why’ question around consumers choices of consumption across channels.

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