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Free Is Good: Survey Analytics Offers A 3 Month Free Trial of Their Mobile Platform


Editor’s Note: In case you haven’t noticed, GreenBook Blog is slowly moving towards accepting sponsorship and advertising. We’re establishing the process and model to offer such opportunities without impacting the credibility of the blog.

As the blog has grown in readership, there are now companies that would like to work with us in some way or other. We are playing with some ideas that will enrich the site while providing value to partners, sponsors and advertisers, so stay tuned for those developments.

To date, the one hard and fast rule we have is no paid content placement or paid blog promotion. If we post a blog entry, it is because the content passes editorial muster and is of genuine interest to our readers.

Our first official sponsor was Survey Analytics, and today’s post by Prashant Hari is an interesting case. When Prashant brought this post to me, my first thought was that it might seem somewhat inappropriate, but upon review I decided that the offer Praz is discussing is legitimate news and would be of interest and value to our readers. I hope you’ll agree with me that it passes the muster.


By Prashant Hari

We’ve posted earlier about SurveySwipe and their Superbowl Mobile Ethnography Experiment. The same guys are now up to something pretty innovative. The idea is to allow businesses to build mobile research communities. Lets face it, we live most of our lives glued to our smartphones now. The latest Pew Study found that over 40% of US households have a smartphone now. Thanks in large part to Facebook. This trend is not only showing up in developed countries, but also in emerging economies like Brazil and India – although its a little slower, due to the scale.

I just talked to Vivek Bhaskaran, the Founder and CEO of SurveySwipe and he is offering his mobile community platform for free for the first 3 months to see if this is right for you. Some key advantages of putting together a mobile community according to him:

• Access to younger demographic
• Instant engagment
• Universal and Guaranteed Identity

These are pretty good reasons for building a mobile research community. Not to mention, once you have the community up and running, executing on research projects become a breeze and a new source of revenue for some MR firms.

Click HERE to check out the offer.

As research gets more mobile focused, it will be eye-opening to see how mobile communities pan out.

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One response to “Free Is Good: Survey Analytics Offers A 3 Month Free Trial of Their Mobile Platform

  1. I have checked this app on all four mobile OSs that support it. Overall, good – especially for quick surveys. However, I have doubts about demographics and “universal and guaranteed identity”, because there is no way one can verify a person signing up. Can use fake email and profile. Also, wouldn’t the gift/points system create “expert” respondents, who would qucikly complete survey after survey to accumulate points to get a real gift coupon or something?

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