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4 Reasons Survey Organizations Choose On-Site Hosting

Most organizations across the market research industry have chosen cloud hosting for their survey data storage. But a core group are not prepared to jump to the cloud. Here are the four reasons this portion of the industry is sticking with in-house data hosting.

By Tim Gorham

Most organizations across the market research industry have chosen cloud hosting for their survey data storage. For them, it’s easier to manage, easier to budget for, and secure enough for their needs.

But a core group are not prepared to jump to the cloud. For them, they choose to physically control survey data centers located on company property. And we’re very familiar with their rationale, since Voxco offers one of the few professional survey software platforms that is available on-premise.

So why is this portion of the industry sticking with in-house data hosting? Here are the four reasons we hear over and over again:

1. Complete Data Control

Market research organizations manage the kind of sensitive data that is commonly protected via strict privacy regulations. That means they want to know exactly where their data is at all times, and they choose to be in total control of storage, and avoid third party suppliers.

Many of our healthcare and financial services clients need to prove conclusively that their data is protected to the letter of the law. In some situations, Canadian and European clients need to prove that data is stored within their own borders. It’s not always clear how offsite data is being stored, who maintains ownership, and who else might have access to it. That can be a real worry.

On-premise set-ups often make it easier to prove total compliance. Even when cloud companies can guarantee compliance, some IT managers feel more comfortable absorbing the risk and controlling the data storage themselves. 

2. Infrastructure Costs

Cost is always a deciding factor. It often boils down to prioritizing fixed capital expenditures over monthly operational expenditures. Monthly hosting fees can be significant for large organizations with huge data requirements and numerous users. At some point, the economics tip in the favor of a fixed capital investment.

This is especially true for organizations with existing infrastructure in place for data storage in-house. It’s a very easy decision for them to select on-premise hosting for their survey software.

3. Physical Server Customization

Cloud hosting providers have existing server structures. However, in-house hardware is custom-tailored to an organization’s personal needs. This offers levels of local control, visibility, and auditability which are unattainable from cloud providers.

Retaining infrastructure control internally also allows instant fixes and improvements to how data storage is structured. The larger the cloud provider, the harder it is to request fixes or customization.

4. Internet/Bandwidth Restrictions

We’re spoiled in most of the western world with high bandwidth and uninterrupted internet connectivity. But many parts of the world are still catching up; internet and bandwidth can be slow or spotty. For these situations, hardwired internal databases are often the most productive and efficient solution available.

Sound familiar?

Do you choose to host your survey data in-house? Let us know why YOU have made that choice in the comments section below.

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