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So, Who Is @Angry_MR_Client?

I believe that, as with any good story, it becomes time to reveal who the “culprit” was. So here it is: the @Angry_MR_Client reveal. Hope you enjoyed the ride? I really can’t thank everyone who’s been with me in this journey enough. It’s been amazing!


In September 2012 the market research Twittersphere gained a stand-out new voice. Amid a mostly agency crowd, that rarest of beasts – a client! And not only that, but a client with a message: you should be doing this better. With her provocative and all-too-accurate analysis of research’s weaknesses, @Angry_MR_Client quickly gained 1500 Twitter followers and the attention of industry influencers – not to mention a column in GreenBook. We’ve got something to tell you. We know who Angry is… Now it’s time to let the secret you’ve all been wondering about out!
So… who is Angry MR Client?I, Angry, am… Oana Stroie!  I’m a 28-year-old woman originally from Transylvania  (that’s in Romania). But I’ve hung up my fangs and, after a pit stop in the Netherlands to see the tulips, I bought an umbrella and an Oyster card and moved to London. And FACE.First let me tell you a bit about my journey into the exciting world of market research. It all started when……After graduating from my MSc in Marketing Management at RSM Rotterdam, I joined the Global CMI department at Philips HQ in Amsterdam. Starting as a Market and Competitor Intelligence Manager, after a couple of years I decided to move even closer to consumers and product innovation by taking on an Innovation Intelligence position. This role made me realize just how extraordinary and fascinating the consumer research world can be. Being a client-side researcher gave me the chance to work with big data, lead quantitative and qualitative research projects, explore new methodologies and interact with many research agencies.It’s this that provided the fuel for my “angry client-side researcher” persona – and, because everyone loves a mystery, I thought I’d make it an anonymous account!

A few months ago, I decided to follow my heart and move to London. And it was time to start practicing what I preached on Twitter. So I made the move to agency-side, joining FACE in April.


FACE is the most innovative and inspiring research agency I’ve met so far.  You are part of a select group of new generation research agencies who constantly challenge the industry to be better, faster and smarter. You get that participants are not a bunch of demographics, but human beings who do real things in the real world and deserve to be treated as active participants not passive respondents. You are the kind of company where courage wins over complacency and where innovation wins over “old school” thinking.  It’s the combination of brilliant researchers, leading edge methodologies, and smart and creative thinking that made me fall in love with you.

What is your new role at FACE?

Officially, I am the new Account Manager for the UK Qualitative Research Team. Unofficially, I’m an undercover client inside an agency, using my insider knowledge to make sure that our clients get the best service and actionable results out of their partnership with FACE. If you like, I’m making sure all FACE’s clients are @Delighted_MR_Clients!

What do you think should change in the agency/client relationship?

I think there’s a big opportunity for clients and agencies to work together on a more continuous basis. In this always-on world, I see no reason why consumer research should be purely ad hoc. I strongly believe that the future of research is in real time tracking combined with ad hoc deep dives. It ultimately involves the “holy trinity” of research: qualitative, quantitative and social media research.

What do you do outside FACE?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, shall we? I’m a bit of a Twitter addict. I follow anything #MRX related, especially #NewMR, but also lifestyle bloggers and trending Twitter topics. I also love dancing salsa (any salsa club recommendations in London?) and lately I’ve been enjoying exploring the English countryside. Oh, I also have a cat blog.

And yes, I really did teach my cat to high five me (here’s the proof!)

What’s next?

As sad as it will be to close off the Angry chapter, I believe that as with any good story, it becomes time to reveal who the “culprit” was. So here it is: the @Angry_MR_Client reveal. Hope you enjoyed the ride? I really can’t thank everyone who’s been with me in this journey enough. It’s been amazing!

To answer your inevitable questions, as of next week I will change my @Angry_MR_Client Twitter handle to @OanaStroie. But I will definitely continue to tweet and blog about #MRX and the research world. Watch this space…


Best regards,

Angry MR Client




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8 responses to “So, Who Is @Angry_MR_Client?

  1. Very cool! I love your insights and feel as though we see the world through the same glass! Whatever you call yourself, you will always be interesting and as an AE you will get a new perspective of both clients and agencies. I call it walking the tightrope.

  2. @Wendy – Nice to meet you too Wendy and thank you. It’s been great fun for me too.

    @Ellen – Thanks so much. Let’s see if the glass is fuller on this side 🙂

  3. I don’t recall the same person seeing “I a big opportunity for clients and agencies to work together on a more continuous basis” in her previous SM role as anonymous Clientside MR person. Why suddenly the volte-face? Resonance to me is linked to authenticity. Amazing how an angry perspective can suddenly become optimistic.

  4. @Edward: Although it may seem counterintuitive, it was the optimism that the market research industry can change for the better that drove me to start Angry. The dramatic tone was just part of the persona I created to help me draw attention.

  5. I don’t know… I think you were better off staying anonymous, to be frank. While anonymous, everyone was probably a great deal more respectful about your sometimes very weird and off the wall pronouncements about what the industry is doing wrong because we were paranoid you were one of our own clients. You knew who we were; we had no idea who you were, and therein lay a lot of your power, in my opinion. Now that we know that isn’t the case, you’ll probably find your readership will be dropping off. And I, for one, am not terribly interested in the opinions of someone who hasn’t even been alive as long as I’ve been in the industry.

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Oana Stroie

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