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Live Blogging From the AMA Marketing Research Executive Forum and ARF Re:think 2011

Join us this month as we live blog from the AMA marketing Research Executive Forum and ARF RE:Think Conference!





This month brings two unique opportunities to those of us at the GreenBook Blog, and so by extension, to our readers!


This week I’ll be attending the American Marketing Association Marketing Research Executive Forum and blogging/tweeting live from the event (follow hashtag #amamref). This opportunity is in collaboration with our good friends at the MRGA.

Here is a bit more about the event:

Truth and Transformation: Activating Research to Lead Business Growth

This one-of- a-kind event is designed to inspire and enable market research executives to lead business growth by bringing together the best minds to challenge, inspire and learn from one another. The discussions will focus on:

Truth and Relevance – Marketing Research is relevant when insight delivers business results. This module will build a case for business relevance, highlight spectacular “wins” and point out the difference between strategic leadership and running a research delicatessen (“would you like fries with that?”)

Truth and Context – The more we learn, the less we know. And the more consumer context matters. This module will instill context into our thinking as researchers, helping us build holistic insights that integrate approaches to peel back complexity and reveal truth.

Truth and the Culture of Change – Leadership is embracing and riding the waves of change, creating the future as we want to live it. This module will empower Marketing Research as agents of change by revealing transformative behaviors and technologies to become a driving force within the company.

The 2011 Marketing Research Executive Forum brings together senior marketing research executives and thought leaders to provide:

* A provocative learning platform for meaningful dialogue amongst peers
* An intensive, relevant workshop environment where participants work together in activating wisdom to their own organizations

The program consists of a “Who’s Who” of leading client-side research executives and I can’t wait to have this great opportunity to listen, learn, and pass on what I get out of the event to all of you!


In two weeks, I’ll be attending Re:Think 2011 – ARF 75th Anniversary Annual Convention. On March 20-23, 2011, The ARF will convene the largest gathering of insights and research executives in the history of our industry! The program looks absolutely stellar and is sure to be chock full of great information, insights, and inspiration for us all. I’ll be posting updates continuously during the event and will try my best to distill all of the very best learnings and news from the conference to you.

Also, thanks to the graciousness and generosity of Kristin Luck, President of Decipher, I’ll be attending the Ogilvy Awards and doing the same thing there. Yes, it’s a tough job and a real sacrifice, but this just goes to show the lengths that I’ll go to in order to ensure that the MR industry get’s the latest info to everything that’s important to our industry!

For a preview of the event, click on the image here.

Both of these events will be great, so be sure to check back here regularly for frequent updates on each one!



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