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Collaborata is reinventing syndicated research, by bringing the sharing economy to our industry. We've asked Collaborata to showcase projects here they're currently featuring.

Editor’s note: Welcome to our next post featuring two insights projects currently offered on Collaborata, the market-research marketplace. GreenBook is happy to support a platform whose mission is to fund more research. We believe in the idea of connecting clients and research providers to co-sponsor projects. We invite you to Collaborate!

Collaborata Featured Project #1

“Changing Channels: The Impact of Fake News on Audiences”

Purpose: To learn whether and how Americans discern and care about the objectivity or bias of the news they consume. To understand the impact of “fake news” on political and social attitudes.

Pitch: We can all agree that it’s critical to understand how fake news is being consumed and how to educate consumers about what’s real, what’s fake, and how biased reporting plays a role in shaping opinions. Three market-research organizations are spearheading this effort. The researchers believe it’s time for the media, news, and research industries to join together in a nonpartisan, robust study that will reveal how one’s political leanings correlate to accepting or rejecting fake news stories.

Deliverables: A website with real-time, detailed reporting.

Who’s Behind This: Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA), Social Media Research Association (SMRA), Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA).

To purchase this study or for more info: click here or email [email protected]


Collaborata Featured Project #2

“Online Grocery Shopping: What AmazonFresh & Others Aren’t Telling You”

Purpose: Provide an industry-first look at how AmazonFresh and other leading grocery platforms are performing, how consumers shop in the online grocery environment, and what drives purchases. Develop “need-to-know” behavior-based insights for brands and retailers.

Pitch: The battle for online grocery shoppers is no longer just about online shopping; it’s about the total $300 billion grocery market. This research provides a timely set of insights based on passively tracked consumer behaviors on computers and mobile devices over a 19-month time period. Behavioral data sets this report apart for its unfiltered truth about consumer shopping in this emerging space.

This report has a strong focus on AmazonFresh, which reflects business practices and strategies from its parent company, which represents 75% of all ecommerce in the U.S. Brands and retailers will gain insights into what Amazon is doing that they may be missing.

Deliverables: Summary report including data charts and graphs

Who’s Behind This: Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence™ is a best-in-class technology for passively tracking consumer behaviors. It combines Luth’s online panel with proprietary web and mobile-tracking technologies to correlate consumer actions and attitudes.

To purchase this study or for more info: click here or email [email protected]

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