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Establishing Social Media Research Benchmarks With Ford, P&G & Coke

At MRMW, senior leaders from Procter & Gamble, Ford, Coca-Cola & BBDO will participate in a panel discussion with NetBase, Decooda, Conversition & Anderson Analytics to take the first steps to establish a framework for global benchmarking of social media research.

One of the largest barriers to widespread adoption of social media research techniques is the lack of standard benchmarks across the industry. Issues such as multiple technologies with competing approaches, a highly fragmented and competitive provider market,  a lack of a clear purview of data ownership on the client-side,  a constantly fluctuating social ecosystem, privacy concerns, and the sheer newness of the idea have led to a “Wild  West” scenario that has been hard for researchers to get a handle on. Well, it’s time for that to change.

At the Market Research in the Mobile World conference next month in Cincinnati we’re going to take the first steps to establish a framework  for global benchmarking of social media research.

Senior leaders from Procter & Gamble, Ford, Coca-Cola & BBDO will participate in a panel discussion with NetBase, Decooda, Conversition & Anderson Analytics on what steps need to be taken to establish industry benchmarks and will chart a path for the future. This session was asked for by our client partners, so have no doubt that it will be a centerpiece of the event and is vitally important to the industry.  If you want to have a direct voice in shaping the foundational discussion, then I encourage  you to attend. You can register here, and feel free to use discount code GB20 for 20% off.

Since we’ve also invited representatives from ESOMAR, AMA, MRIA, QRCA, MRA, CASRO, ARF and MMRA our hope is that this session will lay the groundwork for a global industry collaborative effort to embrace the future of research and work together to help us bring it about.

MRMW is also deeply connected to the mobile technology space so we’re looking at doing a similar session around mobile research best practices and benchmarking as well. I believe we’ll make that happen too, so that means that the MRMW conference be the event where we establish  a new paradigm for cross-organizational collaboration with all of the players involved with the value chain of these emerging drivers of strategic insight generation. Look for more info on the mobile benchmarking session soon.

These two sessions alone should serve as reason enough to attend, but I am big believer in delivering real ROI and the rest of the conference doubles down on the content delivery. I can guarantee you that  MRMW will deliver immense value to all participants; it is simply not to be missed. I am immensely proud of the agenda we’ve built for this independent conference. MRMW is where the visionaries, disruptive innovators, influencers, and change agents will be meeting to do chart the course of the future of the industry. With nearly 100 senior level speakers engaged in a fast-paced and highly interactive event like none other this is THE  research innovation event of the year. Just a small sampling of the companies that are part of the program include:


  • Alcon Laboratories
  • BBDO “The Worth”
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Chrysler Group, LLC
  • Coca-Cola
  • Ford
  • Hillenbrand
  • Metaresolver
  • Ontario Lottery & Gaming
  • P&G
  • Rogers Media

Technology & Service-

  • Added Value
  • Affinnova
  • BrainJuicer
  • Cambiar Consulting
  • Civicom
  • Communispace
  • Comscore
  • Confirmit
  • Dscout
  • ecGlobal
  • Forrester
  • GfK Knowledge  Networks
  • Gigwalk
  • Google
  • Gutcheck
  • Hotspex
  • Jana
  • Kantar
  • Kinesis
  • Locately
  • Lumi Mobile
  • Motista
  • Netbase
  • OdinText
  • On Device Research
  • pureprofile
  • Qualvu
  • Questback
  • Research Now Mobile
  • Research Through Gaming
  • Revelation
  • Survey Analytics
  • Vision Critical
  • Wayin

For a complete list of our extraordinary speakers click here. You can view the complete agenda here.

We’re expecting 300+ total participants and so far some of the firms that have registered are:

  • Arbitron
  • Convergys Analytic Services
  • CSS/datatelligence
  • General Mills
  • Givaudan Flavors Corp
  • Hallmark Cards, Inc.
  • JD Power & Associates
  • Jiffy Lube (Shell)
  • John Deere
  • Lightspeed Research
  • Market Strategies International
  • Mead Johnson Nutrition
  • MRSI
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Schlesinger Associates
  • Shopmetrics, Inc.
  • Sun Products Corp.
  • uSamp
  • Voxco

It is my belief the overall agenda, especially coupled with these two benchmark sessions will be a pivotal watershed moment for the evolution of global insight generation. Never before has there been an independent  conference driven by client-side input that brings together leaders in new technology, research services, trade organizations and academia focused on the future of research.  The overarching context for all sessions will be on delivering real business impact and we’re working with all presenters to ensure the focus is always on delivering solutions to client-side issues.

Of course, with all the serious stuff happening during the day it’s going to be important to have some fun to decompress and network, and we’re partnering with NewMR Research Access, The Research Mafia and their sponsors to deliver a whole lot of informal fun before and during the conference. Details are still being worked out, but stay tuned because I can tell you that these folks know how to have a good time and are planning some great networking events as well.

If you are reading this, then I know these topics are important to you. I hope you’ll join me and your peers and colleagues in meeting together in Cincinnati July 18 & 19th to work together to drive innovation in market research. See you there!

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8 responses to “Establishing Social Media Research Benchmarks With Ford, P&G & Coke

  1. Classic! Trying to take on the ‘wild west’ of social media research benchmarking in an attempt to assert authority (and premium consultancy fees) over the very thing that doesn’t lend itself well to authority… social media.
    Looks like more evidence that market research is losing its way and grasping for land.

    1. I see your point James, but you are misinterpreting the impetus here. Client-side organizations want to understand how social media data can be used in conjunction with other data streams. This idea came from them, and I don’t think they are in a hurry to pay premium consultancy fees. The purpose of the benchmarking is to establish some intellectual framework and basis for comparison in order to move social media research along to the next level of market acceptance. Sorry if that wasn’t clear!

  2. Lenny, thanks for keeping us up to date, as always! It says the panel includes Conversition, but neither the list of technology/service providers nor the speaker’s list mention that. Was that a typo?

    1. Hi Prince. Yes indeed, Conversition is included, but the website hasn’t been updated yet. That should happen tomorrow and you’ll see Annie’s smiling face there!

    2. Hi Prince. Yes indeed, Conversition is included, but the website hasn’t been updated yet. That should happen tomorrow and you’ll see Annie’s smiling face there!

  3. Benchmarks are absolutely needed. With almost 400 companies offering some type of social media analysis, it is no wonder clients are asking for standard benchmarks. Some standard benchmarks are evolving – just by the nature of most of the companies offering metrics like Sentiment, Influence, Engagement, and Volume. Over the next few years, many of those 400 companies will go bust or acquired by the bigger ones (i.e. NetBase). Benchmarking will be a moving target for quite some time given they dynamic and evolving nature of Social Media. However, excellent place to start next month in Cincinnati!

  4. Right now, the social media space is buyer beware. That is probably the way it needs to be for a while longer because much more needs to be learned. Market research is often quick to want to develop “standards”. What that means is that, once standards are adopted, new ideas and innovation goes by the wayside. There are too many new technologies and tools in this area that still need to be developed. As difficult as it might seem, I think people need to deal with uncertainty until some of this stuff shakes out.

    1. Good points Dean, Michael and Greg; it may too early to establish the needed benchmarks, but hopefully we can at least build a framework to understand the key questions we should be looking at and evaluative criteria for vendor or tool selection. As we all know, despite the various tools available, not all approaches are created equal and some simply deliver more than others.

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