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Moments of Truth: Social Chatter

This slightly more real and hard-hitting Marketoon created by Tom Fishburne simply exposes how current research options actually separate us from what's really motivating our consumers.


This is the seventh in a series of cartoons by award-winning cartoonist Tom Fishburne, titled “Moments of Truth,” sponsored by Motista.

By Alan Zorfas

As all marketers know, there’s nothing like a good consumer quote for a presentation or meeting. One good verbatim quote injects “consumer perspective” and “truth” into the discussion and provides critical validation for marketers, who all too often struggle to quantify what we do.

The truth is that the consumer should always be front and center in the marketing conversation. For years we’ve relied on research like quant studies or focus groups to provide us that perspective, but the time that it can take to field those studies is no longer keeping pace with business today, especially with increased dependence on digital media and now “social” media.  Today social media, of course, lets us read minute-by-minute what passionate consumers are saying about our brands.   And while that may capture consumer sentiment in the heat of the moment, it’s not very scientific.

This slightly more real and hard-hitting Marketoon created by Tom Fishburne simply exposes how current research options actually separate us from what’s really motivating our consumers. In a continuous state of compromise, the marketer here has to consider the expense, the wait, the time and the faults of existing options.

The fact is we’re in a faster moving, data-driven world. Intelligence solutions need to fit into this new world—especially those that help us understand and connect with consumers. Companies—and market researchers—who rely on decades-old methods risk falling behind. And while social media provides unprecedented convenience, does it really tell us the “why” in what’s motivating consumers in their lives? We know that consumers don’t often express—or even consciously know—their deepest, most personal motivations. We can easily garner their opinions on products and features. But does someone readily admit or acknowledge that they’re buying a brand to “fit in?” Or to look successful?

Marketers know that more connected customers—customers who see your brand as a means to attaining something important in their lives—are better customers. They’re more likely to buy, pay more and even advocate for you to their friends or on social media. “Consumer connection” is a precious asset to boost business performance. But, we as marketers still struggle to deliver on it.

This Marketoon, in my opinion, is a call for us to be more progressive. Marketers want high-quality consumer intelligence right now, as they solve problems and build campaigns. For them, “what’s most motivating consumers” is always front and center.

For your next meeting, don’t just settle for a quote. Surprise everyone with current, data-driven intelligence on what’s really motivating consumers to buy.

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