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Michelle Adams’ 2 Minute Review of NIMF (Nonconscious Impact Measurement Forum)

Nonconscious measurement techniques are growing ever more important as a class of consumer insight techniques. Nonconscious methods are an area exhibiting rapid cycles of innovation and growth, especially with the advent of consumer wearables and other devices.


The business of market research is changing rapidly, and nonconscious measurement techniques are growing ever more important as a class of consumer insight techniques. Nonconscious methods are an area exhibiting rapid cycles of innovation and growth, especially with the advent of consumer wearables and other devices embedded with a variety of biometric and neurological sensors, and the ubiquity of facial scanning technology in mobile devices, PCs, billboards, entertainment systems and anywhere else a camera can be embedded.

Because of these changes GreenBook and The Burke Institute launched the Nonconscious Impact Measurement Forum (NIMF), a one-day intensive event designed to advance the conversation and increase collaboration among corporate clients, market research consultants, technology providers, and the academic community.

The inaugural NIMF was held last week in New York. Nearly two hundred professionals attended and from all accounts, it was a great day of learning and networking. The attending companies read like a “who’s who” of clients, suppliers, technology providers and academics leading the charge on utilizing nonconscious measurement approaches:

360i, AAAA, Accuen Media, Accuen Trading Desk, AIP Corporation, AXA Equitable, Benenson Strategy Group, Beyond Verbal, Brain Surgery Inc., Brain Surgery Worldwide, Inc., BrainJuicer, BrandNeuro, Brandtrust, Burke Institute, Burnham Marketing, C3Research, Campbell Soup Company, Capital One, CarbonSix, Checon Pesquisa, Clear Seas, Colgate-Palmolive, Conde Nast, Conquest, Control Group, Decooda, Discover Financial Services, Emotive Analytics, Envirosell Inc., ESPN, Estee Lauder, Etsy, EyeSee, Firmenich, Forbes Consulting Group, Fresh Squeezed Ideas, Fry Hammond Barr, G&R, Getulio Vargas Foundation – FGV, GFK, Givaudan, Glassic, Gongos Research, Greenhalgh Market Research & Consulting,  LLC, HawkPartners, HCD Research, Herbalife, Hershey, Hill Holliday, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, IDC, iMotions,  Inc., InContext Solutions, Independence Blue Cross, Innerscope Research,  Inc., InsightExpress, Ipsos, Ipsos Healthcare, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Kantar, Kantar Health, Keurig Green Mountain, Leibniz University of Hannover,  Institute of Marketing and Management, Lieberman Research Worldwide, Lowe’s, M.I.N.D Lab,  Newhouse school, Marketing Brainology, Mary Kay Inc., Mattel,  Inc., Merchant Mechanics,  Inc., Merck, MetLife, Millward Brown, MMR Research Worldwide,  Inc., Monigle Associates, Mosaic Group, MSW/ARS Research, NAXION, NBCUniversal, Nestlé Purina, Neuro-Insight US Inc., Neuromatters, Neurons Inc, NeuroSpire, Neurotrend, Nielsen, Nielsen Neuro, ORC International, PepsiCo, Perception Research Services, Procter & Gamble, Protobrand, Radius Global, Rosetta Stone, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sands Research Inc., Sawtooth Group, Seed Strategy,  Inc., Sensory Logic, Sentient Decision Science,  Inc., ShrinkWrap, SKIM Analytical, spear strategy, Sprout Research, Sticky, Takasago, The Ad Council, The ARF, The Dannon Company,  Inc., The Estee Lauder Companies, The Young Group, TNS, TNS Global, Triggerpoint, Turner, Villanova University, Volume Public Relations, Yahoo!, Young & Laramore, Youtail Retail


Michelle Adams, former head of Insights at Frito Lay and now CEO of Marketing Brainology recorded a two-minute video with a high-level summary of the event and her key takeaways. It’s well worth watching to get a quick read of why this topic is important to everyone engaged in the insights industry:

The message of the evolving role of nonconscious measurement across many different business issues was delivered loud and clear by 33 speakers throughout the day. They were world-class leaders from all along the value chain:

  • Mike Donahue, EVP: AAAA
  • Dan Marom, VP Products & GM for New Initiatives: Beyond Verbal
  • Caroline Winnett, Founder: BrandNeuro
  • Jim Berling, Managing Director: Burke Institute
  • Thania Farrar, Director of Research Innovation: Burke, Inc.
  • Elita Baram, Manager, Consumer and Customer Insights: Campbell Soup Company
  • David Penn, Managing Director: Conquest
  • Amber Strain, Director of Cognitive Science: Decooda
  • Paul Conner, CEO: Emotive Analytics
  • Diane Mills, Executive Director, Global Shopper Insights: Estee Lauder
  • Amit Ghosh, Principal, Director of Research: Forbes Consulting Group
  • John McGarr, President:  Fresh Squeezed Ideas
  • David Zakariaie, CEO: Senseye
  • Michelle Niedziela, Ph.D., Scientific Director: HCD Research
  • Andy Smith, Director of Market Research: Hershey’s
  • Dr. Carl D. Marci, Founder/Chief Science Officer: Innerscope Research, Inc.
  • Sarah Snudden, Senior Consumer Insights Manager: Keurig Green Mountain
  • Jeremy Sack, Ph.D., Senior VP, General Manager / Director, Pragmatic Brain Science Institute: LRW
  • Michelle Adams, Founder & President: Marketing Brainology
  • Bill Bean, Vice President Shopper Insights and Competitive Intelligence: Mattel, Inc.
  • Matt Tullman, CEO: Merchant Mechanics
  • Marjorie Reedy, Director, Market Research Digital Innovation: Merck
  • Thomas Ramsoy, Ph.D., CEO & Founder: Neurons Inc
  • Jake Stauch, CEO: NeuroSpire
  • Michael Smith,  Director, Industry Relations: Nielsen Neuro
  • Nick Harrington, Principal Scientist: P&G
  • Dan Hill, President: Sensory Logic
  • Aaron Reid Ph.D., Chief Behavioral Scientist: Sentient Decision Science
  • Patty Goldman, Vice President, Research Director: The Ad Council
  • Horst Stipp, EVP, Global Business Strategy: The ARF
  • Will Leach, CEO: Triggerpoint
  • Jay Leon, VP/Turner Sports Research: Turner

We’re already planning NIMF 2015 and will be sure to keep everyone updated as we progress; my bet is that 2015 will see a big surge in these techniques in market research.

A special shout out to all the companies that helped support this event and bring it to life:

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Merchant Mechanics
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Neurons Inc.
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HCD Research
HCD Research provides leading-edge marketing and communications research services that allow clients to make better informed decisions in a more timely fashion. HCD Research employs innovative research tools, comprehensive data collection techniques and well-honed interpretive skills to assist marketing professionals in making decisions that provide an optimal return on investment. For more information, visit

Neuro-Insight is a market research company that uses unique brain-imaging technology to measure how the brain responds to communications. We are the only company in the world licensed to use this patented technology, enabling us to measure second by second changes in brain activity. This allows us to deliver unique insights into how a piece of design or advertising is affecting people at both a rational and an emotional level. For more information, visit

NeuroSpire is a world leader in EEG software, specializing in neuromarketing technology. Our software suite makes it easy to design experiments, collect synchronized EEG data, and analyze/visualize results. For more information, visit

Protobrand is an independent research and branding consultancy that offers a unique perspective on emotional insight mining. Through Meta4 Insight – our online application for metaphor elicitation – we mine the human subconscious and uncover the rich, hidden motivations behind people’s behavior. With such insight as a foundation, we craft strategic and creative solutions that result in emotionally resonant brand relationships. Clients include major consumer brands such as Lee, Disney, Marriott, Bank of America, Target, Toyota, and Wendy’s.

Senseye is the sensory human interface technology company. Today, we’re unlocking the possibilities of wearable devices to leverage the true power of the enterprise cloud. Our solutions will greatly extend and redefine the use of wearables like Google Glass for medical professionals who must have patient vitals in line of sight, for aviation mechanics who seek to improve safety recording and workflow, and for market researchers who want to know what their consumers really think (without asking them). We’re working on new innovations that will shape how people interact with and harness the emerging potential of the quantum computing cloud over the next decade. For more information, visit


Media Partners

The Neuromarketing Science & Business Association is the global trade association for everybody with a professional interest in the field of neuromarketing.

The Neuromarketing group on LinkedIn is a social network of people involved in the fast growing field of neuromarketing / consumer neuroscience and its impact on the market research industry.

Market Research and Cognitive Neuroscience
The Market Research and Cognitive Neuroscience group on LinkedIn welcomes anyone interested in market research and cognitive neuroscience. The recent advances in fMRI and EEG, plus ideas from psychology have great relevance to market research. The group aims to foster discussion and advance the cause of the application of cognitive neuroscience to market research. All are welcome, come with an open mind!


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One response to “Michelle Adams’ 2 Minute Review of NIMF (Nonconscious Impact Measurement Forum)

  1. Here’s my response to the myriad companies and people involved in this type of ‘consumer manipulation’ business. What you’re doing is clearly psychological manipulation of your fellow human beings.
    Nothing to ‘crow’ about! let’s drop all this dangerous personality/mind/behaviourist invasive agenda and just get back to HONESTY. Being an honest seller of goods and services is what matters in my opinion. Offering good quality products…e.g. ‘natural’ products without harmful substances (GMO) or chemicals added IS something to be proud of…however, today we are in danger of straying in to Orwell’s 1984 Big Brother territory (if we’re not there already, I suspect)
    whereby people who are consumers are seen, not as valuable customers, but stupid cash cows, to be manipulated by the advertisers and their armies of analysts, behaviourists, psychologists et al.
    The sheer amount of business, conference attendees staggered me….all desperate to find the holy grail of successful marketing and electronic/neuro brainwashing….’cos in truth…that’s all this claptrap is!!! As for Michelle Adams and her ilk….karma is gonna get ya!
    Get back to simple business economics and practise…sell good quality products and sell them honestly….don’t try and dupe the masses with patently obvious untrue claims about what it does….if its soap…it’ll wash you….but that’s all…get the picture?
    Recently the company that make Actimel yoghurt drink got their wrist slapped for untrue claims about the product….now I see they’re back…with a different spin…but still unverifiable!
    Let’s dump psychology and bring back good old fashioned values….truth, open-ness and public accountability!

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