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We’re Going To Vegas, Baby! What Will CES Tell Us About The Future Of Insights?

CES 2013-580-75


By Ari Popper

In just over a week the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will open its doors in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In true Vegas style, the CES will be dishing up an all you can eat platter of everything new and sexy in consumer electronics representing categories like fitness, gaming, entertainment, robotics and health.  The CES website boasts that over 1,200 exhibitors will be showcasing wireless technology alone.

As one of the largest shows of its kind and what is billed to be a Mecca of innovation, I’ll be going on assignment for GreenBook Blog to see what we can learn and apply to the market research industry.

My goal is to see if there are any genuinely disruptive technologies or tools that can help us obtain richer, truer and ultimately more accurate insights into the lives of our customers.

Furthermore, in the spirit of cutting edge research innovation, I’ll be test driving a secret new research technology that uses a research robot to determine visual magnetism also know as visual saliency.  If ever there was a competition for eyeballs, exhibition booths are a great example of evolutionary insanity, much like birds of paradise, so I am curious to see if this research tool can help me predict the winners.

Well, until Vegas, this is Ari Popper on assignment for Greenbook blog signing out!


Ari Popper Ari is the new tech trends guru for GreenBook. He is the CEO of SciFutures, a creative foresight and technology firm that uses science fiction storytelling to disrupt routine thinking, inspire bold new innovations and to create positive futures.  We make the geek speak.

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