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The Frontiers of Research 2012 (May 8th, NYC)

Editor’s Note: One of the highest honors that has been granted me this year has been being asked to participate in a wide variety of industry events. I am fully cognizant that my “15 minutes” is going by quickly (and for many of you the end probably can’t come soon enough!), but in the meantime I consider it a highlight of my career to be able to take part in so many exceedingly cool conferences of all types, covering such a wide range of topics.
One that I am particularly looking forward to is the upcoming Frontiers of Research conference put together by my friends at TRC Research. This is a small gathering of some of the finest minds in Academia and the commercial MR industry brought together for 1 day to discuss the future of our discipline. The inveterate networker part of me likes the hustle and bustle of large events, and that aspect of my personality that can best be described as “The Ham” likes being on stage engaging with lots of of my peers, but more than anything I enjoy more intimate, interactive, and lively discussions with smart folks and this event will deliver that in spades. Rich Raquet of TRC has the run down below. If you’re going to be in NYC on May 8th, you should come and check it out; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

market research conferenceOver the past year I’ve blogged about the things that I think will drive the future of Market Research and I’m pleased to announce that for our Frontiers of Research annual conference (May 8th, in NYC, view full agenda or register) we have assembled speakers who will drive that conversation forward. The conference will cover the full spectrum of buzz-worthy topics (Behavioral Economics, Neuroscience, Gamification, Predictive Analytics). And the focus, as always, will be on ideas presented in an easy to understand way (no math!). With speakers from four Ivy League schools, and presentations that range from poker to motion picture box office, this should be an informative and enjoyable day.

Leonard Murphy will set the table by calling on his extensive knowledge of the industry to illuminate how academia can and is driving us forward. Anyone who follows his blog knows that he is not only one of the most knowledgeable industry leaders around, but that he has a provocative view of where we are heading.

Shane Frederick of the Yale School of Management will lay out evidence that humans are not rational creatures after all.   As such, he sees the term “Behavioral Economics” as redundant. Anyone selling to humans needs to understand this irrationality…and the same goes for researchers. Surveys too often assume consumer behavior is logical.

Oliver Toubia of Columbia Business School will show us how he has conducted conjoint exercises that are modeled on the game of poker. As a big fan of using games to engage respondents and unlock their decision making process (irrational though it may be) I am particularly interested in this session.

Uma Karmarkar of Harvard Business School will talk about Neuroscience’s ability to unlock the secrets behind consumer preferences and decisions. A number of vendors have brought aspects of Neuroscience to the market place in the last few years with often disappointing results (as the ARF has shown). Uma will help you understand the keys to applying it correctly.

Jehoshua Eliashberg of the Wharton School of Business will talk about predictive analytics…specifically his work in predicting the success of movies at the box office based on scripts. That’s a considerable achievement when you take into account all that can go wrong between writing and marketing a movie.

Finally, our own Pankaj Kumar will talk about advances in choice techniques. He’ll not only help you understand what they are; he’ll tell you how to use them in your research work.

It should be a great day. I encourage you to join us at the Yale Club of NYC for a day devoted to research. Click here to view the full agenda or register.

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