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Interview with BV Pradeep, Global VP of Consumer & Market Insights at Unilever

In this holistic interview, BV Pradeep and Lenny Murphy discuss the issues impacting the industry, potential solutions, and our future's outlook.

There are not many leaders at big global brands who consistently engage at every level with the research industry, yet Unilever has several of them, including BV Pradeep who is the Global Vice President – Consumer & Market Insight – Market Clusters at Unilever. In this wide-ranging interview, Pradeep and I discuss the issues impacting the industry today, potential solutions, and what the future can look like for us all. As these thoughts come from one of the largest spenders on insights in the world, they carry particular weight and should be listened to by all who work in this space.



BV Pradeep is running for President at ESOMAR. If you are a member, you can log in to your “My ESOMAR” account to view candidates and cast your vote.

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