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Happy Retirement: An Interview with our Editor, Larry Friedman Ph.D.

Join us in sitting down with Larry Friedman Ph.D. for one last interview before he leaves his role as editor of the GreenBook Blog. See what an industry expert with almost 40 years of experience has to say about the future of insights.

Larry Friedman, Ph.D. has had a long and storied career in market research: Chief Research Officer of TNS before his retirement, then Editor of GreenBook Blog for the last few years. In that role he ushered in a new benchmark of quality and a consistent vision of the role GreenBook Blog can play in furthering our goal of being the home of thought leadership in the insights & analytics industry. In addition, he has been a major contributor to the GRIT and GreenBook Market Leaders reports, a counselor on IIeX and in general has immeasurably helped us to up our game.

He has also been a mentor and sounding board for myself and the leadership team and has become not just a valued teammate, but a dear friend.

Alas, all things change and after a career spanning nearly forty years, Larry has decided it’s time to enjoy the fruits of his labors and spend time with his family and pursuing his various passions unencumbered by work commitments.

Yes, Larry is officially retiring for good and will be stepping away from an active role at GreenBook. He doesn’t get away scot-free however; he will be assuming a Board role with the company.

In this interview to honor his contributions to the industry and to GreenBook specifically, we discuss his career, his assessment of the market research industry today and thoughts on what the future holds.

This one is not to be missed; Larry’s wisdom, perspective, and vision is filled with insights for everyone in the insights & analytics space. Plus, he is a heck of a lot of fun to talk to, so the interview is entertaining too!

Please join us all in wishing Larry a Happy Retirement; he will be missed as a regular contributor to the blog, although I suspect he will still periodically weigh in when the mood strikes.

Here is the interview.


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