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Congratulations to the 6 Finalists of the Insight Innovation Competition for IIeX EU!

One of the great things about the Competition though is that there are no “losers”. All of the past finalists have benefited from the experience via brand exposure, learnings gathered during the process, direct business and (in many cases) investment from IIeX participants.



The votes are in, and after a slower than normal start and then a hard fought last two weeks with 12 entrants vying for votes, the six finalists for the latest round of the Insight Innovation Competition have been picked. Here are the finalists:


Smartsight – The smarter way to engage consumer segments across… Dushyant Gupta 10829 1505
Bakamo.Social – Driving the conversation Daniel Fazekas 4916 1039
+iSee Reality Isaac Martin Rojas Mora 6288 897
LivingLens Carl Wong 4048 686
Dalia Research Nico Jaspers 6726 437
Meta4 Insight Anders Bengtsson, Ph.D. 3393 342


These six companies will now go on to the judging round at IIeX Europe in Amsterdam next month.

In this eighth round, we’re giving new innovators the opportunity to submit their concepts for a crowdsourced round of voting. Past participating companies have seen their businesses accelerate due to their involvements in the Insight Innovation Competition, resulting in funding, partnerships, new clients, and global brand exposure. However, there is a defined prize for the single winner that comes out of the Judging round:

  • $15,000 cash award.
  • Opportunity to be evaluated for inclusion in the Lowe’s Innovation Lab Accelerator located at the Singularity University Campus at NASA Ames Research Center in San Francisco.
  • Exposure to large international audience of potential prospects, funding partners and inventors, including the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 funding framework (available fund of $75B), Lowe’s Innovation Lab, and independent venture capitalist and angel investors.
  • A free consultation provided by Gage-Cannon Venture Consulting Ltd. for technology developers that want to explore European Commission $75B Horizon 2020 funding opportunities or expand into the rapidly growing Brazilian market. The consultation also applies to developers that seek equity financing or are looking to stabilize revenue streams.
  • An invitation to present at the next Insight Innovation eXchange
  • An interview to be posted on the GreenBook Blog, viewed by 36,000+ industry professionals per month
  • An opportunity to work with successful senior leaders within the market research space

The Insight Innovation Competition is collaborating with the Lowe’s Innovation Lab to help competition entrants gain awareness within a broad consortium of global brands.

All participating companies will be vetted for inclusion in the Lowe’s Innovation Lab program. Selected participants will gain guaranteed organic funding through pilot programs with program partner companies, as well as access to acceleration resources for marketing, strategy, finance, and business development. In addition, all companies will be vetted for inclusion in the Ricoh Innovation Accelerator, an investment and business accelerator program focused on developing new technology solutions that can be applied to a host of business issues, including marketing insights.

On February 18, 2015, as part of Insight Innovation eXchange Europe 2015, the finalists will present their concepts to a panel of judges comprised of sponsors of the competition in a live event. Each presentation will last 10 minutes: 5 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes for Q&A from the judges.
The judges include:



Using a 10-point scale for each category, judges rate each presentation on:
  • Originality of concept
  • Presentation quality
  • Market potential
  • Scalability
  • Ease of Implementation

On February 19, 2015 we’ll reveal the scores. The highest final score wins. The winner takes home the pot and chooses which of the judges they would like to engage with afterwards as a mentor.

Past winners of the Competition have all gone to greatness, becoming significant players in the industry. They include:


This round also included some amazing entrants, and the finalists are very strong indeed. Check out a bit more about them.


Borderless Access Panels Pvt Ltd. – India
Smartsight is a progressive consumer insights solution that leverages machine learning algorithms to segment & predict consumer behaviour. Smartsight uses over 150 behavioural data points across online, mobile & social media usage to generate real time insights around product consumption, ad effectiveness, message relevance and branding.


 bakamo Bakamo Social – Hungary

Bakamo.Social solved the social media paradoxon: As understanding cannot be automated and the sheer amount of content puts understanding beyond the scope of the human mind; our solution empowers the interpretative, creative human cognition by intelligently utilizing machine text analysis, weaving it into a meaning driven discovery engine.


isee+iSee reality – Denmark

Unlock the hidden content from printed materials, images, objects and the real world where you see the +iSee logo. Be amazed when hidden exclusive digital content appears in front of your eyes enabling you to interact with the world around you like never before. Engage with +iSee reality hidden content and watch it come to life on magazines, books and the printed page. Buy items easily and quickly with direct mobile shopping links. Connect with additional useful web content and like and share on social media. Browse offers from restaurants, shops and historical landmarks in the real world around you. Claim and redeem vouchers from shops in your location and enjoy and experience exclusive offers. Enjoy these amazing offers and experiences where you are, by using the +iSee augmented reality app, changing perceptions of how you see the real world forever.


LivingLens_500Living Lens Enterprise Ltd. – United Kingdom
Brands want more insight and inspiration, and simply don’t maximise their video assets.  LivingLens exists to capture & pinpoint specific video content. Search video by the spoken word in any language and make better decisions, faster.


Dalia Research – Germany
The rapid spread of smartphones and tablets around the world revolutionizes our ability to understand what people think and feel. Dalia Research provides real-time access to mobile respondents in 76 countries around the world for market and opinion researchers to generate efficient, high-quality and instant insights.


protobrandProtobrand – United States of America


Meta4 Insight is an online survey platform that enables exploration of people’s subconscious thoughts and feelings through visual metaphors. Unique in its kind, Meta4 Insight yields powerful emotional insights for positioning, segmentation, and product innovation.



Good luck to all six!

One of the great things about the Competition though is that there are no “losers”. All of the past finalists have benefited from the experience via the brand exposure, learnings gathered during the process, direct business and (in many cases) investment from IIeX participants.   Whoever wins the Judging Round, the other five companies will be in very good company indeed.


To meet these finalists and see what they are all about, get to IIeX in Amsterdam and join the hundreds of research professionals converging on Amsterdam in just 3 weeks to help shape the future of the industry together!

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