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Editor’s Note: Now this is just too cool! Qualvu, BrainJuicer, KL Communications, Mesh Planning, and media agency GSD&M are teaming up to try to get a research panel added to the lineup for SXSW. This is a great idea, because you can bet many industry competitors (present & future) within the BI industry will be there presenting as well. MR needs a makeover, and these companies combined with this event is a darn near perfect combination to start making that happen. I’m going to do everything I can to help support this: I hope you’ll join me by doing the same!

By the way, while you’re voting be sure to look at other panels as well; there are a ton of interesting topics being proposed. Perhaps we should plan for a special MR meet-up at SXSW this year? See you there…

By John Williamson

In conjunction with other forward-thinking research companies (BrainJuicer, Mesh Planning, and KL Communications) and an advertising agency (GSD&M), we have submitted a panel idea for SXSWi 2012. SXSW has received 3,600 submissions and only 500 panels can make it to the event. So this post is to request your individual vote to make sure that this Market Research Panel makes it to this high-profile event. (For more about the event, visit:

For more information on our panel idea “Deprogramming Dull: Digitally Reinventing Research,” please click here.

We would really appreciate it if you took 2 minutes to vote for our panel idea and help us raise awareness of how our industry is evolving!


  1. To get started, create a FREE PanelPicker account (This is a quick process and you will not be spammed, we promise!).
  2. After that, go to our panel idea, “Deprogramming Dull: Digitally Reinventing Research
  3. Please give our proposal a “thumbs up” and feel free to leave a comment telling the world why you think our panel should get through.
  1. Help us spread the word by inviting your friends, family, professional connections to check out our panel idea on Facebook and vote for our panel.

Other ways you can support this effort:

Please support us by “liking” our Facebook page and maybe “like” a post or leave a comment to get the conversation going? We’ve developed the page for updates on the panel but to also get people talking about “cool” research.…

We’ve also created a videodairy blog on the Qualvu platform. You can go see videos from our proposed speakers on the topic and comment via text or video. Just go to… and fill out a brief form to be added as a participant and create a password from the link in the validation email you’ll get. We have started a great conversation and would love your participation!

Thanks for your support and please spread the word!

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