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Findings & Trends from the GRIT Insights Practice Report

Can’t find the time to read the latest GRIT Report? No worries. Join us for an exploratory session that will highlight the biggest trends and most crucial takeaways from the latest edition. Gregg Archibald will bring you up to speed on the current trends in insights, what’s driving change and how suppliers and buyers are adapting.

View the recording. You will learn:

  • The must-know emerging methods used by top brands and researchers
  • Which buzzwords are living up to the hype (and which aren’t)
  • How to future-proof your researcher career
  • What buyers really think about their suppliers

More about the GRIT Report: The Insights Practice edition looks at the inner workings and evolving nature of insights organizations and the role of insights professionals, both brand and supplier. This report explores the methodologies, tools, and approaches that are being used now and in the future. It also describes how the insights profession is changing and what it will take for market researchers to adapt and thrive. This edition features the GRIT Future List, recognizing the emerging leaders of insights.


Gregg Archibald, Managaing Partner, Gen2 Advisory Services, LLC

Nelson Whipple, GRIT Research Director, GreenBook

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