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‘Insights on Demand’ is Transforming Market Research

The future of market research is leading towards democratization of insights that are available in real time to meet business needs and understand constantly shifting consumer sentiment.

The old way of conducting market research is no longer viable in today’s world where marketing and advertising professionals need to execute campaigns at 10x the speed as they were done in the past. We see the need not simply for the incremental improvement of market research or data collection – but a new way of obtaining insight – enter an entirely new business practice – Insights on Demand. This democratized vision for market research makes insights into consumer intent accessible and achievable for all business professionals in companies of all sizes.

Why Change? Consumers Have.

Today’s consumers are more savvy than ever about the choices available to them in the marketplace. They expect brands to deliver personally tailored content, products and services, in real-time and on-demand. These “always on” consumers use mobile devices equipped with a wide range of tools that empower them to deflect or reject irrelevant content, and opt-in to receive only the most relevant messages from their favorite brands.

Many of today’s consumers also increasingly engage with brands across multiple channels and devices – from smartphones to tablets to laptops – to shop and make purchasing decisions. When brands attempt to grab the attention and dollars of multi-tasking consumers by delivering the right content, speed and accuracy are critical.

Today’s marketers who can stay one step ahead of consumer demands stand to gain a significant competitive advantage. But the only way to achieve that edge is by having access to real-time consumer insights that accurately reflect these new realities, provide a complete picture of consumer sentiment, and are driven by cost-effective technology that automates the delivery of those insights to speed up the decision-making process. Additionally, today’s speed of information creates constant and rapid shifts in consumer sentiment.

Brands Have Changed Too.

Agile and innovative companies of all sizes – not just giants like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google – will continue to find new ways of providing real-time, on-demand value to consumers, and in the meantime seek new ways to obtain dynamic insights and move past the old way of static, rearview-focused market research data.

Incremental improvements in market research and data collection have in many cases become insufficient to address these realities, which now demand an entirely new way of obtaining consumer insight.

Based on our prediction of what’s coming, and my continued sense that the market research industry is ultimately to be democratized, we’ve taken a leadership position by creating a new market category called Insights on Demand.

The MRX Industry is at an Inflection Point – Insights on Demand is Born

Today’s businesses need access to insights that are deep and dynamic, always available, and tuned into constantly changing market sentiment. So where does it leave those of us in the market research industry?

Insights on Demand is a new, transformational market category, based on business needs for fully integrated approaches to understanding constantly shifting consumer sentiment and taste. Insights on Demand promotes the tight integration between technology and companies to provide real-time insights to organizations – no matter their size, or timeliness of need. This democratized vision for market research makes insights into consumer intent accessible and achievable for all business professionals in companies of all sizes. At the core, the market research industry faces challenges adapting to this new world order. It’s not just about adopting technology, the need is deeper.

Insights on Demand is not just going to be bigger than market research because it’s better. It will be bigger than market research because it’s broader. It can be scary and difficult to change, but when you are part of an industry that is being disrupted, transformation is the only solution.

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4 responses to “‘Insights on Demand’ is Transforming Market Research

  1. “Insights on Demand” – this claim suggests that insights simply fall out of a computer. This is – excuse me – nonsense. Data patterns can be generated on demand – but making sense of those patterns? I strongly challenge this suggestion, especially when not substantiated by any case studies.

  2. Well said Edward. Real Insights are rare and a wonderful thing. The term insight has being much duluted by conflating it with ‘detail’ or plain ‘data’, aka the humble ‘fact’. An insight is a new understanding of something, a problem, a market, the human mind etc. Not just a set of conclusions but a fundamental shift in understanding. Which means that insight builds over time from the accumulated information in many souces of research and other data.

  3. Dear Ferdinand, I completely agree that real Insights are rare and a wonderful thing. As to Edward, I don’t think it is fair to assume the article suggests that actionable insights would “fall out of a computer” just like that. However, it is absolutely possible, in fact Insights-as-a-Service industry is growing double digit CAGR. In order to gain access to actual consumer purchase motives, you need to dig deep, though – and often have industry specific understanding of the problem and the audiences. That way you can access the truly “good stuff”, i.e. those insights that go to the core of marketing challenge: understanding who is actually bying the product and why. By “who” i mean contextual and holisitc understanding of the audience base, not their demographic and income profile. Insights that 1) don’t lead to either acquiring new audiences or engaging your existing customers more, and 2) are not “actionable”, are not really that valuable. The valuable insights often loom out of reach for brands. But there are some really cool MarTech companies out there onnecting brands to these insights. For, instance, has consumer engagement platform focused on the skincare and beauty industry. Cocoon is able to collect granular insights on consumer purchase behavior down to SKU and ingredient level data and connect that data directly to the consumers’ specific skin profiles. This helps skincare and makeup brands understand the consumer motivation and purchase behaviour. Cocoon engages in an always-on quantified social listening of the audiences, which is not easy to achieve. These insights have not been available to these brands in real time until now. Cocoon has cracked the code by creating something valuable and engaging for the consumer, in exchange for consumers sharing their motives and purchase preferences.

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