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How Strategic Businesses use Technology to Leverage Consumer Insights

Becoming customer-centric is integral to surviving in any business landscape. See how 3 businesses utilize consumer insights to take their digital presence to the next level.

In the digital age, it’s become a necessity to use technology to engage with customers and leverage the resulting data. Many companies have yet to take full advantage of this abundance of information.

Here, we highlight three successful businesses who have undergone customer-centric digital transformations to provide the best possible experiences, and ultimately strengthen their bottom line.


In order to understand more about their 179 million active users, eBay has recently undergone structural changes to focus on the centralization of its various sources of consumer data. This included merging information on in-app and web browser behavior, support center interactions, and user search history.

eBay leverage predictive modeling to anticipate purchase behavior at the most granular level – identifying who is most likely to be interested in a designer handbag, what brand of shoes they buy, and what type of luggage they prefer. This allows eBay to use what they know about their customers to deliver personalized messaging around the billions of items they have for sale – simultaneously increasing both seller success and buyer engagement.

King Digital Entertainment

Acquired by Activision for $US 6 billion in 2015, King Digital Entertainment (KDE – the company behind mobile games such as Candy Crush Saga) collects player engagement data on their 463 million users. They combine this with regular player feedback gathered via pop-up micro surveys.

This insight is used to inform a broad range of initiatives, including:

  • Adjusting the level of difficulty for when players are moving from one level to another
  • Timing the perfect moment to offer incentives when interest levels decline
  • Identifying the most alluring features to inform new game developments

By centralizing user data, KDE has seen a significant uplift in retention and engagement metrics. This allows them to use their user insight to drive in-game ad revenue – pitched at $US 500 million annually.


In 2018 Adidas began to undergo a digital transformation in order to meet its core business goal of creating a consumer experience that was connected, personalized and premium.

A key component of this strategy resided in the development of the Adidas mobile app – designed to act as the “hub” of consumers’ digital interactions with the brand. The app was launched initially in the US only, in order to gather and analyze consumer feedback to optimize UX features before a full global rollout. This allowed Adidas to evolve the app experience in a way that provides the best engagement and interaction results.

Since adopting a customer-centric focus, Adidas now has over a million app users, and online revenue sales have increased by 50%.

Centralizing customer insights

Today’s successful businesses are going through customer-centric transformations to hold their organizations accountable for managing and leveraging customer insights.

Businesses can now easily access technology solutions to truly understand their customers in a variety of ways – across multiple channels and touchpoints – everywhere they go. At Pureprofile, we know it’s crucial for our clients to centralize their customer insights so that they can find, and keep, more of the customers that matter.

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